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Do you currently suffer from tinitus ?

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    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    I want to stop listening to music because it got me occasional tinitus sounds in my ears and they told me at the job medical check that I was under the average regarding audition. But I also know by experience that abstinence from music listening keeps me level headed with a clearer thought process. I only allow myself to listen to the background music of the KJV Bible Dramatized Audio Books.

    Let's track my progress:
    NO intentional music listening: 1 point

    Every Sunday, I'd divide my score by 7 to see how I'm doing.
    I'd report the daily eventual unwanted musical noise.
    Every month, I'd draw a chart to see clearly my progress, with a summary on my well-being.

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  2. The Who - All This Music Must Fade (New Song)
  3. DerSchütze

    DerSchütze Fapstronaut

    I agree, I also have mild tinnitus that flares up occasionally, I know it's due to loud music in conjunction with shooting. Constantly listening to music just bombards you with dopamine and desensitizes you.

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