Let's destroy the chaser effect

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  1. Relapsed recently? You are in danger of the chaser effect. Perhaps it has already got you. Don't worry.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get past the chaser effect. We're talking five or six totally clean days..

    The enemy is a stupid voice in your head. The enemy is society's dumb brainwashing.

    Let's do this.
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    Had to look it up............ "According to the definition of this website "Chaser Effect is The super-charged desire to fap that sometimes hits 1-3 days after sexual acts. Especially powerful early on in a reboot"

    Here's some TIPS for SUCCESS:

    1. You literally don't have to watch porn ever again. (self.NoFap)
    submitted 2 years ago by BazookaMorpheus88 Days

    2. When PMO is not even an option (self.NoFap)
    submitted 3 years ago * by Kestral 233 days

    3. Google: "The pain of self-discipline [4] is far less than the pain of regret [8]" ..... Find an image you like......... and save it onto your computer or phone.

    4. Treats or dessert (for good behavior). Also, if possible, buy something related to a hobby you really enjoy.

    5. Some guy online had this great advice: " Never touch your dick……[or female parts for women]."
    Tip……. when showering use a wash cloth

    6. Humor :) ....... Google: "Glad you could join me Mr. Bond". Funny, somewhat possessed toddler............... Anyone know the Villain the toddler is supposed to represent?

    7. Click on the NoFap "Emergency" button and find an image you like (positive influence): http://i.imgur.com/bbWSvJx.jpg
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  3. The desire to fap may be unconscious. What you actually experience might be a rationalisation.

    "Oh, I'll just have a tiny peek at that one specific video on my mind."

    "Is that a P-sub I see? Let's just take a tiny look at that.."

    "P is really stupid isn't it? Let's look at some and have a laugh at it."

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    I hope the thread doesn't self destruct in five seconds :cool:

    Interesting, that you are quite active in the forums but didn't hear about it before.
    I'd say this is a really important concept to know b/c I tend to binge relapse because of that.
    I agree more on the 1-3 days as the urges are most strong there and then take a pause until returning full strength after days 4-5.
    Yep, that's true. It takes some time to actually recognize this effect even in this hidden form. Good hint !
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    The worst part is when your brain starts to "rationalize" porn... and what pisses me off is that when i need to do school tests, my brain isn't that smart!
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  6. It's true that days 1-3 are the most strong. I call day 4, however, "over-confidence day" because often you get the feeling that you have it all sorted now and you're not going to fall for any urges or rationalisations.. And then you let your guard down too much.

    So to be safe I said five or six days.
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    Thanks for the tips!
    Good material for combating porn. Chaser effect indeed is one of the biggest things for me, always make my relapses even worse

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