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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Knight81, May 31, 2019.

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    I really need to thank everyone here for helping me without even knowing. Thank you guys a ton!
    I guess i should share my journey and what I've been through.
    Ive started on February 24th 2019 and fix an issue that most of us have. I went through a divorce in 2013 and being a single guy, I had too much alone time infront of a computer, viewing P. I actually enjoyed it and started doing it more frequently and would even start losing sleep and energy, not knowing how much more damage i was doing to myself.
    I had a few girlfriends since from that time and which in turn led to play time, but noticed that I was having erection issues and would mess with my head giving me performance anxiety. It worried me because the more i tried the worse it got. But would notice I'd have no issues getting it up with P. That made me enjoy P even more and the spent time got even more frequent, and the material got even more dirty and eventually started to embarrass myself with it and knew at that point it needs to stop.
    Was I addicted? Is my issue PIED?
    I finally stopped cold turkey at the end of February, and was overwhelmingly excited with energy and life the first week alone and was in beast mode. Getting work and chores done! Morning wood came back and was intense every few days! A long time crush, started showing interest in me, people treat me with a respect, Im more confident with everything.
    I relapsed March 26th after a month clean due to checking out an old unknown file i saved on my tablet....It happened to be dirty pictures that went into a saved location. The feeling after the release was such a horrible guilt, i felt very down, no energy and so depressed for about a week. Finally felt better picking myself back up and kept going.
    Morning wood came back even stronger and every morning, energy and motivation is back even stronger than before.
    I released on April 3rd and yesterday on May 29 as a treat to myself to making it this far. I didn't use P but only to thoughts. I found that I'm not addicted to P but still treating it as such.
    Benifits are great this far, but on this set I will not release and just keep it in. Cheers!
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    Hey man, welcome to the site! We're glad to have you! It sounds like you've already learned a lot about this journey, but be sure to poke around the site some as there's always more to learn.
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    Thank you so much for this and i will definitely be nosing around here and help with the good fight

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