Let's join hands and start a December Challenge. WHO ARE WITH ME?

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    This is a very serious thread and only serious participants should come. December will surely be a month of great success and let's end the year on a high note and getting the feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile.

    1. Here we are going to have a lot of discussion on ways to eliminate the lows/blues or the early withdrawal symptoms we face.
    2. We need to keep a check and help our fellow friends who are close to losing their shit. This may require going out of your way a little, a little by everyone.
    3. Daily we will need to come here and update by commenting on this thread. It would be great if others can share what helped them keep their thoughts out.
    4. Spiritual practices/books and inspirational readings one is following can also be shared.
    5. TV shows and movies can also be used as recommendation provided they do not act as triggers instead.
    6. Everyone is required to install siteblocker/searchblocker(even in incognito) and share screenshot.

    Let's end 2020 like champions
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