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Let's list a good habit!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by FY_33, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    Hello guys, so i want to list a good and bad habit, to prevent my mind to have sexual toughts(lately my sexual fantasy is rising and with real women, not on P)

    I have set my goal to become financial freedom at age 29

    list of good habit:
    1. Workout/sport
    2. Reading a good book
    3. Studying
    4. Writing
    5. Eating healthy food
    6. Drink Milk twice a day
    7. Pray 5 times a day and reading Quran(for Muslim)
    8. Browse beneficial site like this site and yourbrainonporn.com
    9. Cold Shower
    10. Walking one hour/day

    list of bad habit(must leave)
    1. P and M
    2. Gossiping
    3. Edging
    4. Staying up late
    5. Reading erotic story
    6. Smoking
    7. Drunk
    8. Blaming god/people
    9. Social media addiction

    recommended youtube channel
    1. Tedx
    2. Bright Side
    3. PornReboot

    Please comment if you have more of these!
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    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    The 10 stages of rebooting.

    Stage 1
    : This is when we realize that masturbation is affecting our healthy negatively and we have a thought about quitting. However, after reading about the harmlessness theories of masturbation we are not so determined anymore, we think that masturbation in moderation should do us no harm. This is the very initial stage of rebooting which is characterized by ignorance and naivety. The result: failure!

    Stage 2: We gain a small understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation, but not a thorough understanding. The result: failure!

    Stage 3: We begin to study other peoples’ experience of rebooting and we try to break our rebooting record. Although we have managed to set a new record on the number of rebooting days we are still unable to break out of the vicious cycle. The result: failure!

    Stage 4: This is the confusion stage, after numerous failures, we start to doubt ourselves. At this stage, we are not putting in enough of a fight, no fight no victory! The result: failure.

    Stage 5: Our body gives out signals once again and it’s clear that our health has deteriorated. Once again we make up our minds to quit and rely helplessly on the brute force method without learning about the correct methods. The result: failure.

    Stage 6: We begin to see the harmlessness theory for what it is, that it only works to trick the “children”. This is when we experience a breakthrough in our way of thinking but we still fail to understand why we are unable to quit masturbation. The result: failure.

    Stage 7: This is the stage of understanding, gained from reading vast amounts of rebooting articles, we begin to acknowledge spiritual teachings (such as Buddhism) which helps to increase our determination tremendously, we break the 100-day streak. The result: still failure.

    Stage 8: The thorough cleansing stage, we are starting to cleanse ourselves both consciously and unconsciously. Once this idea has entered our subconscious we easily break the 200-day barrier. There may come one day when we are browsing the internet and have our guard down or we have been slack in our rebooting studies, we therefore stumble near the finishing line. The result: still failure.

    Stage 9: We are almost there now and have become even more careful, our understanding takes on another level. We are no longer affected by dirty thoughts, what we see do not enter our intentions, what other people sees and like we react with caution. We are steady in our heart even amidst rough winds of thoughts. We have discarded the habit of masturbation altogether.

    Stage 10: “Nothing to begin with, how can nothing stir the dust”. We have come to the highest stage where all things returns to simplicity, just as the “sweeping monk” from Jin Yong’s martial art novels. Great skill is hidden in plain site, this is only achieved by the Master. Tips: Everyone should be able to find their current stage in rebooting, just like in video games we have our levels, once we have reached that level success will come. If our level of understanding is not there we will have a hard time to quit masturbation, for a master there is no difficulty, while mastery is difficult to achieve for a layman. Hopefully, everyone will continue to study rebooting articles, the day when we find our “aha” moment is the day when we can walk away from masturbation for good. For the few bright people with keen minds, they are able to skip over stages just as a bright student is able to skip grades and the poor student will need to remain in the same grade.
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  3. I've got a few....

    Good habits
    1) Chug water right when you wake up
    2) If it's a cardio day, try doing it in the morning when you're fasted
    3) Make it a point to eat an extra portion of veggies today
    4) Go for a 20 minute walk outside

    Bad habits
    1) Spending your free time staring at a screen
    2) Avoiding silence
    3) Sitting down for prolonged periods of time (sitting is the new smoking)
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  4. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    my andrologist said i must walk 60 minutes/day in minimal, sitting down prolonged periods will cause hemorrhoid

    thanks for the information!
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  5. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    good Habits:
    developing every day habbits like doing a morning routine every day or a certain programm of exercises.
    Doing yoga especially pranayama or autogenic training
    taking cold showers
    making a weekly schedule for sports, social appointments and other things te keep work-live balance

    bad habits:
    surfing the internet without a certain purpose
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  6. DesRevived

    DesRevived Fapstronaut

    I want to quit PMO by replacing my bad habits with a good one.

    Good habits:
    • Eating more fruits, vegetables, and fish
    • Exercising or doing any physical activities like playing badminton, tennis, basketball, etc
    • Reading a self-help book
    • Taking a cold shower
    • Journaling by writing out your thoughts, feelings, the things you are grateful for, etc
    • Saving my leftovers every end of the week
    Bad habits:
    • Consuming lots of sugary stuff - added sugars - like sodas, donuts, chocolate, etc
    • Procrastinating by playing video games or mindlessly binge the internet
    • Staying at home in isolation - not solitude - for a long period of time, also known as being a hikikomori
    • Spending on unnecessary things; spending on wants and not needs
    • Staying up late at midnight due to my internet binge
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  7. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    clam and oyster is good too, also someone says saving first, spend after saving
  8. Good habits that I've started:
    • Sports: Capoeira, Judo
    • Workout: Bodyweight training w/ gymnastic rings, Yoga, Pilates
    • Health: Eating much more of a balanced diet, all vegan, healthy as fuck
    • Studying more per day
    • Not worrying about things as much
    • Music: whistles, bagpipes
    Good habits that I want to start:
    • Hiking
    • Dancing
    • Gymanstics
    • Reading
    Bad habits that I want to quit:
    • Watching videos and wasting time on the internet
    • Sleeping late
    • Skipping classes
    • Staring at women's body parts
    Bad habits that I've quit
    • Fapping (yay)
    • Video games
    • Doing nothing all day
    • Putting off studying until it's too late
    • Eating junk food
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  9. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    staring at women's body parts especially tits is hard tho, but abstaining more, you will see her face longer
  10. Yeah. It's so hard because I naturally want to appreciate their bodies, but I also want to appreciate their personalities. But when you only focus on their bodies, it's hard to care about who they are as a person. Maybe we are supposed to just objectify women at first, and then fall in love with their personalities over time. Maybe I shouldn't even try to stop.
  11. Napav

    Napav Fapstronaut

    Thanks Soaring eagle.
  12. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    - Do a little research to see if Milk is actually good to drink or not. I am not going to spin you anything, do your own research and make a decision.

    Not suggesting, just saying: I don't drink milk more than a few years and I will never drink milk again.
  13. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    dude, milk contain almost all you need for your body:/
    egg too
  14. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    It is okay if you think that.
  15. fredisthebes

    fredisthebes Fapstronaut

    Best habit I have acquired in the last few years is getting out of bed at the same time each day. For me it is 5.30am (or sometime between 5 and 6). Makes the 'productive' part of my day twice as long!

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