Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gogibasket, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. QuiggyG

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    For me:

    Day 1
    -a strong sense of regret
    -feeling disgusting or that I may be a disgusting person or evil
    -Over thinking
    -anxiety, low sense of confidence around others
    -slower thought process or thinking

    Days 2-5
    -urges are strong
    -Brain feels like it wants to relapse again
    -continue to sexualise everything and get triggered by pictures of women
    -a sense of doubt that I cannot beat it and that its continually going to be cravings/urges

    Days 5-9
    -Energy levels start returning to "normal" (lol what is normal?)
    -urges are strong, but not as strong as day 2-5. That chaser effect still lingers
    -brain fog or trouble concentrating but mind moves onto other important tasks

    Day 10-14
    -Energy rush
    -Slight confidence increase, still a sense of low self esteem but more of a "I don't care" or apathetic attitude
    -urges return, but it depends if I engage them or not

    Furthest point I got to. Probs a lot more symptoms but this is the general gist of what I have.
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    i had same feelings when i initially started nofap but now gradually those feelings fade away but i have pain in my lower left abdomin a dull ache not all the time but it comes for a second. whenever i put pressure on that and sometimes it feels ok i don't know why
  3. Jerky

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    Definitely anger, irritability, restlessness, short-temper, fear, hopelessness, anxiety.
  4. Summer Son

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    These are some of my symptoms I experienced, it can vary for everybody. Please don't feel bad about it, maybe you have used porn for escape or cope with your emotions for years. Please don't feel miserable, withdrawal symptoms are not permanent, it is temporarily. After your recovering you can feel like opposite all of them. DO NOT LOSE YOUR HOPE. This are just lies your brain's saying. Staying positive is essential for your reboot. We are talking about years of conditioning about it so let's get start it:

    Feeling like broken somehow or NO feeling at all. Depression, anxiety, sleep related problems, extreme fears of something, lack of concentration/ brain fog including can't focus any tasks no matter how is it important about your education, job, career or social life. Feeling like doing something wrong, insomnia and more feeling stress on your shoulders. Can't think straight, hopelessness, eye twitching, anger, feeling low or extreme mood swings, no motivation, no desire to anything, wanting to escape anybody, feeling like invisible, can't connect other people. Feeling like never gonna quit porn something like you need it to cope other things in your life, and feeling like 5 or 10 years whatever you can't get out vicious relapse cycle, cravings to use more porn, or porn flashbacks, shaking muscles, sweating for no reason especially in hands, don't want to talk anybody, feeling like don't able to recover.
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  5. tigate

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    Thank you all for the uplifting words. It's inevitable not to worry about things but yes, time is all we need for recovery.
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  6. BruceD

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    Here's what I have noticed generally on some steaks regarding progress and flatline symptoms.

    1. Day 1-2: Low energy, slow moving, brain fog, with minimal increases in energy perking up at end of Day 2.

    2. Day 3-4: "Average" level energy to a bit below. Flatline seems to be most brutal for me here.

    3. Day 4-6: Very tricky/red zone for myself. Energy starts to cascade here and there. Feeling a bit more confident and "I can handle looking at stuff" again. (Danger!, Danger!)
    These are the days I relapse the most.

    4. Day 6-8: When I manage to get this far, better energy. Flatline comes and goes but not as bad as the initial one on Days 3-4.

    Important note: Exercise, meditation, and eating a low carb diet seem to buffer the flatline and provide some relief. But not always. Will try more intensive exercise like sprinting, heavy weights.

    Curious if this matches up more or less with you guys.
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    Wow! That's beautiful!
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  9. Boxerito

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  10. I am on day 11 and I'm experiencing some serious fatigue right now. Also I gained weight out of nowhere and my metabolism has always been good. Last night I was restless as hell and didn't get a good night's rest which could possibly be the main reason I feel really fatigue but it could be a combination of NoFap withdrawals as well. Despite all this I felt like getting some exercise which usually is really difficult even to do a little bit before I went on this streak. Urges are under control at the moment. Gonna keep pushin!
  11. Nagos

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    The symptoms on my journey till day 32

    - everything seems more dark and meaningless
    - feeling heavy loaded
    - exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, worthlessness, restlessness, aggression
    - emotional rollercoaster
    - some days I had a lot of energy and hope, but these are rare
    - headache, muscle tension, diarrhea
    - insomnia, apathy, inner dryness, short breath
    - urges, raging thoughts
    - low appetite but can't loose weight, although I workout almost every day and eat healthy
    - vivid dreams, wet dreams

    Never turn back to porn.

    Keep up the good fight brothers.
  12. fortesque92

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    Wow, reading this has been reassuring, I have been experiencing many of the symptoms listed above. Currently on day 78 no PMO, most concerning symptoms at the moment are:

    -Being on edge/ startling easily
    -Fear of the dark, convinced someone is waiting to jump out and attack me
    -Fear and uneasiness before going to bed
    -Problems with concentration
    -Writer's block (I am a composer in a Prog Rock band)

    Some symptoms that have luckily subsided considerably:

    -Severe Porn flashes and cravings
    -Mood swings/ irritability/ anger/ loneliness/ sadness
    -Neck and back pain
    -Feelings of worthlessness/ self esteem issues
    -Social Anxiety/ fear of interacting with women

    HOWEVER, it's all worth it because the longer I abstain from Porn, the more everything in my life is falling into place!

    -Met a woman that I really like, have begun dating
    -Guitar teaching career is progressing well
    -My band has begun Pre Production for our next release
    -Greater interactions with friends/ family/ students/ women and people in general
    -A sense of warmth, happiness emerging within me
    -Beginning to see the beauty of life and of women, moving away from the clinical ugliness of Porn
    -Not viewing women purely as sex objects
    -Being able to think more clearly and make good decisions
    -Able to be my authentic self and thus attract and connect with more people
  13. fortesque92

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    I'm experiencing this big time at the moment!

    BTW, how do you add the day counter to the bottom of your posts?
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  14. I'm experiencing some brain fog today. But I'm wondering if I have a food intolerance to alliums (onions, garlic etc). Yesterday I avoided these foods because the previous week I had major anxiety and restlessness which coincided when I was eating food with a lot of onions. So yesterday I felt amazing because I avoided them. Today i felt amazing half the day then i ate one piece of something that im sure had onions and garlic in it (it's a korean stew) and immediately hit me with brain fog and i feel anxious and unfocused right now. Read some articles online on how garlic and onion can actually be toxic for your body and brain. We'll see. I wonder if PMO and food insensitivities are related. Hoping that I dont need to eliminate these foods because it would be difficult to avoid them altogether.
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    i dont recall exactly how you add it. something in profile and then signature...
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    Yeah, the neck pain... Forgot that one.
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  17. Bliss12

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    Here is what i've got from quit smoking and PMO at the same time.

    - Anxiety
    - Pressure in the chest
    - Heavy breathing
    - Headache
    - Nausea
    - Palpitation
    - Pressure in the head especially in the back region
    - Sensitivity to any noise (feels like my head going to explode)
    - Feeling Hungry
    - Heartburn
    - Constipation
    - Diarrhea
    - Urinating (foamy)
    - Lack of energy (can't climb a two storey building without running out of breath)

    It's been 5 months since reboot and i got into both PMO and smoking since 15.
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  18. Beinghealthy

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    Hey is it possible occur withdrawal symptoms after relapsed cuz i feel the same way too anxiety depression and also fatigue all this symptoms suddenly attack after i relapsed
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  19. Chevalblanc

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    Yup same here. Insomnia scares the shit out of me. It ruins your day and then you hot bloodshot eyes.
  20. M4rv1n cinco

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    -Intense fantasies
    -Cravings to relapse just once
    -Getting distracted
    -Feelings of despair

    It's part of the journey, who said it would be easy B-)

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