Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gogibasket, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Shame
    Poor perception of self
    Sexualised thoughts about females

    The more I research about porn from sites like this the more I see how detrimental porn is. It is so much like a drug or like sugar. Once you get hooked it’s so hard to give up.

    Here’s a thought, could we be hooked on a feeing like is mentioned in this song? Are we high on believing that the porn actresses actually care about us? Porn has to be one of the most successful scams there is!
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    Has anyone experienced weight loss?
  3. Flareup of chronic pelvic pain (syndrome), fatigue, loss of concentration, ED, PE
  4. Imgoingbananas

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    I have a lot of the same symptoms. I also have these visual symptoms you have. After images and blurry vision are some of my vision symptoms as well. But I have some more disturbing ones like visual snow, tracers, shimmering lights and moving shadows. Are you any better now?
  5. Sammy_puia

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    Week 1-2: Regrets to quit porn,Urges to watch porn, no erection at all, mild mood swings week 3 : Early awakening in the morning,bad mood swings, urges to watch porn and masturbate, mild depression and anxiety. Week4 : terrible mood swing, bad depression, anxiety, dry mouth, terrible insomnia, it was soo bad week 5 : Milder depression,mood swing(happy in the night and sad in the morning) insomnia ,still in week 5 and feeling a bit better than week 4..hope it gets better each day or else I won't be able to cause I Wanna be in the Christmas spirit lol... A Quick question,what do you mean by PMO And EMO?
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    For the majority of 5 weeks in to 11 weeks in:

    Been in a flatline. Last 12 or so days felt more energy, moods have stabilized away from extreme depression. still feel emotionless. Still wake up with sore eyes sometimes. Not sure if this is how much I use computers for online school or that Porn messed up my eyes... sometimes they feel very blurry in the mornings. Extremely horny, random urges out of nowhere but very low libido for the most part. Early on I had sore muscles for no reason, and I used to have daily headaches after exercise and meals but those are subsiding for the most part. Vision has improved I think though, eyes have brightened up. Still have some brain fog, but at some points a few weeks ago it was so extreme it was almost unsafe to drive. Music hurt my ears, now I can listen to rap but everything else hurts. Used to feel constantly hopeless and almost suicidal at times, but like I said, moods have stabilized and I am a little more hopeful even though I am still experiencing a flatline. Still feel very detached from people though and negative so I am worried about losing friends because I have definitely offended some people in my super negative state. Had loss of appetite as well and numb joints when working out, most of this has come back and I feel more energy in general but still worried because I have been taking more naps lately. I hope this ends soon.
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    Have you checked out the thread called "P.A.W.S. - what are they, cure, duration"?
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    Yes. I definitely have many of the symptoms. Was much more severe 2 or 3 weeks ago. That is the worst it’s been so far. Hopefully I will continue to see small improvements

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