Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gogibasket, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. li_89_am

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    Anxiety, depression - had small bouts of it before, but it is way worse when going without PMO.
    OCD-type symptoms - again, way worse when going without PMO.
  2. Ericooo

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    For me i believe the worst type of porn is engaging in chat rooms or simply chatting with hot girls. Im almost sure of this because two times i experienced for a week horrible symptoms after abstaining from this: depression, loss of interest in everything, loss of apetite, shakings, urges to fap, strange sensations in the body (like electricity in random parts of the body and a tingling sensation around penis and perineum). One night i woke up shaking with a horrible tingling sensation in the penis; felt like i was going to orgasm. This sensations maybe were the result of anxiety. After passing a week i start to feel better and regain my mood
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  3. WhereGonnaMakeIt

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    - lower and upper back pain
    - fat red oily acne face (never had skin problems until excessive pmo)
    - Gained weight out of no where
    - Hard to sleep early
    - Wake up early
    - Feel hungry but a struggle to make myself eat
    - Severe fatigue
    - Pain and tender in all muscles of my body everyday
    - Thin hair
    - Super dark skin under the eyes
    - Look older than I am
    - Horrible dandruff on scalp and face
    - Shortness of breath
    - Can't breath right when with other people
    - Can't exercise or pain is much worse
    - Pain when peeing
    - Pain in knees
    - weak legs
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  4. GreenStringBean

    GreenStringBean Fapstronaut

    1. Depression
    2. Anger
    3. Hopelessness
    4. Moody
    5. Not sleeping
    6. Brain fog
    7. Tendency to touch myself automatically
    8. Headache
    9. Anxiety
  5. MarinoBigFan1984

    MarinoBigFan1984 Fapstronaut

    Loose bowels
    Body aches
    Severe urges
    Feeling backed up
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  6. etsme

    etsme Fapstronaut

    for me so far, in time order:
    nervous tension
    energy boost
    wake up early
    morning wood starts returning
    positive mindset, happy about nofap
    engaging with people
    strong urges, stronger urges
    hyper sensitivity, with ball ache and randoms
    tired, feel down
    generally annoyed with everything,
    withdrawn, bleak, disinterested
    anxiety (no pmo to ignore it)
    but still feel good about nofap because Im doing what I know I need to do!

    guess Im saying withdrawel is a roller coaster ride
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  7. NFThornhill

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    I have these symptoms!
  8. NFThornhill

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    Im tired all the time!
  9. Fj64

    Fj64 New Fapstronaut

    I'd add a lack of sexual desire after years using porn.
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  10. Headache,
    Muscle tension in my face , forehead and between my eyes. ( I gave myself a blister trying to message out the cramped muscle).
    Flatline = a blessing and a curse.
  11. After 11 days in P & M, I'm feeling a severe lack of sexual desire. Almost no "hard" penis, not even in the morning.
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  12. SilentJay313

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    Anxiety/panic attacks
    Unexplainable fits of anger/rage
    Bad insomnia
    Feelings of regret, sorrow, and paranoia
    Food cravings/increased appetite
    Random day dreaming
    Eyes begin to tear up randomly
    Brain fog(Can't think)
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  13. LeHso

    LeHso Fapstronaut

    My symptoms include:

    1- Extreme Anger, Enraged by the smallest issues
    2- Can't think clearly, usually take longer times to study
    3- Feeling as if I was ignored by everyone
    4- Teeth Pain
    5- Loss of happiness
    6- Feeling guilty all the time
    7- Hopelessness
    8- Trying to rationalize a relapse
    9- No Energy
    10- Mostly Depressed
    11- Sleeping so much
    12- Eating So little

    That what I have in my mind right now, will add more as soon as I remember
  14. Going through headaches at the moment, I'm at 21 days free from pmo
  15. anje

    anje Fapstronaut

    Anger. Anxiety. Depression. Feeling alone.
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  16. going4gold

    going4gold Fapstronaut

    So many of these symptoms are very familiar to me. What I often dealt with in my withdrawal was a very strong sense of regret that I had waited so long and wasted so many years on porn. In the mid 90s, I had some issues with depression started taking Prosac and wham my ability to O without M tanked. Porn was likely the main reason. But the quality and variety of porn became more and more intense with each year and by the time I retired it was a daily issue, over and over again. I am now in my 70s and the feeling that was pervasive was regret that I could have done so much more with my life.

    Thankfully, I have moved on from the negative thinking. Now that I am close to my 90 day PMO goal, I look forward to my remaining years with my wife, kids and Grand Kids. Porn will never own me again. If you are much younger than me or even older please stick with it. You owe it to yourself and your future/current family.
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  17. Guysavi

    Guysavi Fapstronaut

    Has anyone not felt IBS symptoms especially constipation? And how long it took to get over them?
  18. MarinoBigFan1984

    MarinoBigFan1984 Fapstronaut

    I’m dead as a door nail
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  19. Toomuchh

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    I found withdrawal symptoms only happened on my first streak of 30 days, after that, the symptoms were muted even after relapsing.

    - mood swings were really bad the first few weeks (gone now)
    - insomnia (gone now)
    - brain fog (this one is still present)
    - hungry (I think its gone now, or I'm just eating better)
    - restless
    - flatline (this one still happening)
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  20. immanuel.iitd

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