Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gogibasket, Aug 21, 2016.

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    These all sound about right . . .
  2. Did you mean nofap hardmode for 9-11 months or number of relapses within that time frame?
  3. Have been big ones for me
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    now i understand everything i should cut my penuz maby that will save my brain.
    just kiddin
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    I feel that I unconsciously look for nude pictures of women. Although I don't watch porn, I can go into a documentary movie and start watch it although it states it includes nudity. Right now for example I started to watch a movie about feminism in Netflix and it states it includes nudity, but I thought I can handle it and eventually it was too much because every minute there was a nude picture of women to empower her feminism so I started to look away every time there was a nude picture but eventually I understood that I can't watch this type of movie, although if I try to refrain from the nude pictures. I guess I start to understand that in this process I cannot keep watching things that I watched in the past, although if they are not defined as pornography.
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    الفراغ وعدم الشعور بالإنتاج يولد القلق والاكتئاب مما يجعل العقل الباطن يسترجع ذلك الشعور المتعلق بالإباحة لغرض الأبتعاد من القلق
    لذلك علينا وضع اهداف قصير او متوسطة المدى لغرض اشغالنا
  7. Have you tried Skullcap btw?

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    I feel exactly the same thing. That's why I cannot watch a movie or TV-series that includes any kind of nudity, bikini-girls, or sex-scenes. If I do watch the latter especially, I do get some kind of PTSD-symtoms such as a rising heart-rate, shortness of breath, chills throughout my body, negative thoughts and difficulties thinking straight (about anything else than that scene I just watched).
    That's why I keep myself to books and if I do watch any movies, it will be an older one or a documentary so I don't edge and get a crippling PTSD-attack again.
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  9. Yes I have tried in the past, but did not feel anything from it. That's because my tolerance to benzodiazepines was extremely high. Skullcap contains a lot of components that bind to the benzodiazepine site of the GABAa receptor. I'm afraid to try it because I don't want to fry my poor GABA receptors. I don't want to get a setback. But skullcap is very interesting. For people with virgin GABA receptors it can work wonders. Did you try it?
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  10. Some nights I just trip during my sleep. It's like I used shrooms or acid. Mind loops, mind fucks, vivid weird half awake dreams/visions. I also feel an intense bodyload. An anxious feeling in my stomach. I have to piss like 5 times during the night. Extreme amounts of piss, did not even drink that much. Just a really crazy withdrawal symptom.
  11. Yeah but i haven't tried one made from fresh herb like the above products, i think it does work but it doesn't last very long, like 3 hours, might not help too much with staying asleep

    My sleep stack atm is lavender softgel, valerian, passion flower, avena sativa, magnesium oxide, skullcap, lemon balm tea and i still wake up like 4 times, not to piss though, just with extremely vivid dreams or nightmares

    I'm honestly a bit worried that im desensitizing my gaba receptors with all that, i take it once a day before bed and have done for a few months, think I'll be okay? Lol

    Sorry to hear about your issues though, i think one day, with persistence, we will be healed, just gotta try to enjoy the waiting time
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  12. Yea I truly believe in the brains capacity to heal itself. Not in 90 days, but probably 2 or even 3 years. With benzos and SSRI's maybe up to 8 years in rare cases. Stamcells are really somthing to look forward to. They can be a real gamechanger. I wouldnt worry about dependency issues with that stack. You might desensitize the receptors, and if you take it long enough, have a mild withdrawal. But if you get any withdrawal, it's not gonna last very long at all. You can take something like ginkgo biloba to resensitize those receptors again. Ginkgo contains negative allosteric modulators of the GABAaR allosteric site and a direct antagonist of the GABAa receptor. Any luck with those levender softgels? Maybe you should look into oleamide or levo-tetrahydropalmatine for sleep.
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  13. @Big Lebowski ever had those weird psychedelic dreams?

    Another symptom is illiteracy. I make stupid spelling and grammar errors. I have no access to that part of my brain anymore.
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  14. Sometimes I get horrible nightmares of my teeth falling out that feels real in the dream. Like the sensation of me moving my tongue against my teeth and there all wobbly and shit, its insane. I never really had nightmares before all this. I get really bizarre dreams if I take melatonin. Yea Psychomotor Retardation makes you very clumsy I had it terribly at one point it has cleared up for the most now, I used to walk round like I was drunk, walking into things.
  15. Sounds nasty man. Yeah my psychomotor retardation is really bad at this points. My hand eye coördination is totally off.
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  16. The worst for me has been the Anhedonia, not feeling emotions for so long, not even able to cry. Not having a consistent libido and literally the other Monday was the first time in years I had a solid erection at the age of 25.. This shit is soul destroying to say the least.
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  17. @SLeepisLost With your prior experience with withdrawal from benzo's did you find that PAWS goes gradually or suddenly? I was in a constant mostly shit 8-9 months, then 9-11 months I noticed my memory improve and my head feel a bit clearer. The head tension was also reduced from a major nuisance to something that is quite minor now? I don't even know scientifically what the head tension is all about but it feels as if it is easing up now. I remember reading @DarkSektur saying he had withdrawal symptoms for 18 months constantly and they suddenly dissapeared.
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  18. The lavender definitely helps but it's not enough to prevent me waking up, but i might be calmer when i wake up if i take it, so helps me drift off again, i think it lasts about 5 hours

    All these herbals make small differences but they add up to generally having a higher quality night

    Thanks for the recommendations they are interesting, hadn't heard of them before
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  19. The withdrawal from benzos gradually got better. Unlike a lot of people undergoing benzo withdrawal, I improved in a linear way. It was mostly over within 6 months. I got really lucky in that sense, because I abused the shit out of them. There were also people at benzobuddies that felt like their withdrawal just suddenly dissapeared. They just woke up and were cured, while the day before, they suffered badly. Those people had a non-linear withdrawal, with a window and wave pattern. With porn withdrawal I also have a window and wave pattern (having "better" days and then a perioid of shitty days) I also have anhedonia 24/7.

    @im_broken maybe you should add kava kava as well
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  20. Another symptom is songs looping in my head. I constantly replay the same songs. Annoying shit.

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