Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gogibasket, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. SLeepisLost

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    Another symptom is songs looping in my head. I constantly replay the same songs. Annoying shit.
  2. ras-tanura

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    Rushing to absolutely everything. Feeling like I always have something to do, can't CHILL
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  3. Big Lebowski

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    I had a little headache last night, I don’t really get headaches too often only tension/sensation. But I also had a few ‘Brain zaps’ they feel like little bursts of electricity going off in your brain. The last time I can remember having them was on my first attempt at recovery which only lasted 77 days but I felt alive towards the end of that, five years ago that was. I’m also getting another symptom now that comes in waves and that is afternoon fatigue, I hadn’t had this in months and funnily enough experienced this half way through my first attempt too, I’m thinking after I deal with this phase I might get my zest for life back like I did then.
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  4. Trafalgar Law

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    I dont know if this is offtopic or not, but I want to make a question about one of my problems.

    When I get into my bedroom and I sit up in front of my desktop to work I feel like nothingness. I mean, I dont feel any trigger but I usually forget what I have to do, or even if I have a list with to do things I dont see that list as a priority thing. And then its when the porn images and triggers start. Its weird but I want to share it with you and looking for a solution together.
  5. Trafalgar Law

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    Try to focus on calm your mind by meditate. I feel that too.
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  6. vishnu23495

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    I am 5 days into my reboot.I am 23 years old and have been mastrubating for 8 years.I have frequent urge to urinate every 1 hour and have a discomfort feeling in my pelvic region which extends till the ass cheeks.Please let me know if these are withdrawl symptons
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  7. im_broken

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    These can be symptoms of stress and anxiety which are typical general symptoms of withdrawal
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  8. vishnu23495

    vishnu23495 New Fapstronaut

    I am unable to sleep at night because of this.Please let me know till which day i will have to endure this
  9. im_broken

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    You should see a doc if it persists, don't worry though. I can't say when it will end but try this meditation once or twice a day, relax into it and let go

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  10. vishnu23495

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    Just finished my ultrasound and I was told i have a slight inflamation in the wall of the scortum :( is it something i have to worry about and will it cause frequent urination
  11. Sovereign Elder

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    Being a pussy and taking less risk
  12. oneaffidavit

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    Withdrawal symptoms:

    1) Anxiety

    2) Restlessness

    3) Irritability

    4) Insomnia

    5) Fatigue

    6) Poor Concentration

    7) Depression

    8) Mood Swings

    9) Social Isolation

    10) Headaches

    11) Severe loss of libido (the flatline)
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  13. jager

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    1-10 anger, sexual fantasy, hate, brain fog, unproductivness,
    10-20 start to realise what else you can actually do with your time
    20-30 depression, awkwardness, feeling out of place
    30-40 questioning yourself
    40-50 suicidal thoughts crying emotional swings
    50-60 relative normalization

    Each urge which is drafted will leave you satisfied with you victory . We weren't put here to fap.
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  14. jager

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    I forgot to mention the flatline which can hit anytime
  15. This is so helpful. On day 90. I had the brain zaps and now they are gone and are now in the neck. Had the puffy eyelid feel and several anxiety attacks. Addicted to porn and M for more than 40 years.
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  16. What are the "other with drawal phases"?
  17. Mattew

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    During nofap you can have many phases in which you have withdrawal symptoms, the symptoms described in this thread.
    You basically can have periods in which you experience th withdrawals listed on this thread, alternated with periods in which you feel good or better.
  18. UK Lad

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    Depression is real before and during nofap. I was sectioned in month 3-4. Put on meds. Still on em. Had a flat libido 1 year now. I guess it’s not fair but was too much pressure build up mentally. I was aggressive and breaking down mentally. I had depression for 10 years. Mainly I think due to pmoing. Before that I never had it. During nofap I gained lot of confidence but heart palpitations as well, occasionally not always. My head was on fire. I couldn’t understand it. Withdrawal was real. Been in n out of mental hospital since first episode of pmo. Sad but true.
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  19. bken

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    Here's my symptoms

    Active addiction: anger, irritability, frustration, OCD, anorexia, fatigue

    following withdrawal symptoms started when I first quit pmo (about two weeks in):

    - panic attacks/disorder
    - generalized anxiety disorder
    - major depressive disorder
    - agoraphobia
    - social anxiety/social anxiety disorder
    - sleep disturbances and insomnia
    - nosebleeds
    - kidney stones
    - tingling sensations, body aches all over
    - ears cracking and popping, tinitus
    - social withdrawal, isolation, social awkwardness
    - physical tension, especially around the head, in the arms and legs
    - slow digestion and diarrhea
    - brain fog
    - extreme fatigue/exhaustion
    - hyper awareness of surroundings/restlesness
    - self confidence gone
    - feelings of anhedonia, apathy
    - anger/irritability
    - malnutrition and hair loss
    - emptiness, as if unable to feel anything but anxiety
    - dry skin
    - trembling and shaking
    - dehydration
    - sweating
    - swollen tongue
    - first wet dream ever
    - (h)ocd
    - feeling inferior and as if on a different planet
    - multiple food intolerances, weak immunity
    - low body temperature, cold extremities

    = drs be like "it's all in your head just take the bloody pills and no masturbation can't cause this"

    = me quitting masturbation + porn hard mode never had another kidney stone since, = drs "it's the antiobiotics we gave you if we didn't you'd be in a psych ward"

    I'm almost 1 year in and a lot of these symptoms fortunately have improved. Anxiety is the one thing I'm struggling with big time. Interestingly I no longer have the head pressure even during panic attacks. I know it's severe withdrawal from porn and masturbation there's absolutely no other explanation for my acute onset of symptoms. I had thought that everything would get better the minute I decided to quit porn boy how wrong I was.
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