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  1. Krishna_asakta

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    Hey, my biggest streak is only 15 days, I did reset this morning. Still, here are the strategies that, when applied make NoFap the easiest for me:

    - Getting out of bed as soon as I am awake (this is the most important for me)
    - Put my phone and cumputer away from my bed when I go to sleep
    - I consider that I must not touch my intimacy but for peeing and showering

    And some others that I am currently investigating:
    - Reduce social media
    - Meditate 20 minutes every day

    Take care, and please, share your best, it will be of a great help !
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    Currently this is my longest streak of 3 months+.
    I take cold showers daily & drink as much water possible.
    Also frequently working out.
    its just a numbers game for me now.
  3. Krishna_asakta

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    I don't have the will for cold showers yet, if I start warm and go cold it is ok, but starting cold, which is the real thing there are just some morning I don't feel like it... but when I do it definetly helps a lot !

    Thank for sharing
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    The thing about nofap for me is to combine all the good things to prevent me to relapse. Just like others, I relapsed over and over again, hundreds or thousands time. One thing I learn is this. Willpower alone is not enough. Motivation alone is not enough. Putting away your phone or computer is good for the initial process, but once you have to use them whether for work or communication, those urges will come back. Now the last defense is not willpower. To me, it is consciousness. How to create a good consciousness? Here's the tricky part. In order to build consciousness, you have to face the boredom, the numbness, the depressed situation, the most bottomed worst feeling ever you'll face, while at the same time you try to function normally in real life. Strategies are important, but don't tangled up by your own strategies, you'll find yourself burdened and dissappointed when you fail. I still fail, I'm on Day 13, but here's that I take after the failures I did. I have to face my own boredom, numbness, endless meaningless thoughts about why do I fail and why do I live. Once I went through that, the process gets easier slowly. Remember, slowly. Nothing is magic. The only magic is yourself, when you're going through that endless tunnel of boredom and fighting the urges at the same time, and you become clean for one more day. One more day. Take it day by day. Try not to complicate your thoughts. Once you do complicate, it just makes the urges stronger. Embrace your today. This day. Live your day. One more day, and you'll be fine. I hope you'll get better. Good luck.
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    A bigger overall plan that links all the little strategies together would make the whole worth more than the sum of its parts. You can try to do a lot of things, but without seeing how each thing influences others it's going to be limited.

    Without knowing in detail, you can imagine if you only eat a healthy diet or exercise vs. doing it both at the same time will have better results. Also these things obviously need to be done regularly, it's not just eating the occasional salad or doing "a" big workout, it's best to have something you can do consistently than something you do once or twice then forget about.

    So the key to making this happen is regularity and rhythm. The way some people talk about rebooting almost sounds like blind repetition, but our bodies are supposed to work through regular cycles normally. You eat regularly and you have to move regularly. Some of this can become automatic. Instead of saying "try to get to bed earlier" if you get into a regular routine you will just feel better and it becomes easy. I haven't used an alarm clock to wake up in probably over a year and I'm still working. There's some variation in when I get to bed sometimes but I still wake up early enough to get things done and get to work.

    The idea is you piggyback things you do with consistent timing, and your body will remember on some level. You won't exercise and eat automatically but it'll be easier to stay within the parameters because you get used to it.

    Along the lines of meditation, I do alternate nostrile breathing for 5 minutes before going online in the morning. You can certainly do it more than that.

    I heard with Navy Seals they suggest you FINISH cold, closes the pores and I suppose it has the benefit of invigorating you to start the day.
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