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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Optimum Fortitude, Oct 16, 2019.

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    I didn't see the original post so cant comment on it, however, this forum should be accessible and welcoming for everyone regardless of gender or orientation, there could have been something offensive in the post
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    A while ago i started a topic "Women on NoFap - myth or reality?"
    The topic was "shelved" for a few days, and according to a message "undergoing review". After that the topic was deleted and i was "muted" (banned) for "posting mysogynistic content"!
    I also thought seriously about leaving, but now my decision is reaffirmed!

    I am seriously disappointed by this forum and sizeable part of the "community" are sock-puppet users acting under moderators' protection!
    Such topics never see daylight again!
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  5. I saw your posts. You were legitimately being offensive towards women, especially towards a well-known female user here, trying to assert that it's unusual for women to be on NoFap because they supposedly don't suffer from unhealthy sexual behavior as much as men do. You got what was coming to you because you were undermining every woman on here's attempt to stay clean from porn and masturbation. If you left, the forum would be better off. I never saw this thread of yours, but based off the title (who would question there aren't women on here?), the mod in question in your next post probably did the right thing.

    Don't pretend you're a victim. You're far from it.
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  6. Whenever you are not sure whether your headlines, comments, posts or threads might be inappropriate to a group of of ppl like in this example apparently it was the LGBTQ community replace the word LGBTQ with Straight or Heterosexual. Then read again and look for yourself what impact the context has on you, which implies: read between the lines, too.
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  7. If you want free speech, you have to take the risk to offend someone. Because whatever you say someone will be offended, and you end up saying nothing.
    Extreme example was to no longer say to people "have a nice day" because it could offend people with depression.
    In this case, it would be "Straight propaganda" I does not really hurt my feelings. And even if it did, he has the right to say / think that.
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  8. Hros

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    Sure he has the right to think that, but the admins have the right to decide the site's policy. And they don't want such posts. Not much to do about that.
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    I mean it's not like LGBTQ-community never criticizes movies for having too much straight representation, so I think criticizing Hollywood today for having too much LGBTQ representation should be a fair game, right?

    Just as I said in the original thread, although I have noticed that sometimes Hollywood overdoes going woke, I don't necessarily agree that it's that big of a deal. But anyways I think it's fair to criticize the phenomenon and don't think that the thread was hateful per se.

    The headline was still kinda provocative though. And some of the replies too, but the op isn't responsible for that.
  10. I don't know if you saw the original thread, so for everyone who didn't see it: It wasn't an attack on the LGBT community. On the contrary, it was an invitation to anyone (including people who identify as belonging to the LGBT community (which I do not believe is representative of all LGBT people, quite the contrary)), to explain to people like myself why our perception of the world is erroneous.

    Sadly, the conversation was hijacked by a forum member who derailed it and made it a pro-LGBT/anti-LGBT thing (probably with the underlying goal to have the thread deleted and people shut down).

    The original question was: why are we overwhelmed these days by LGBT news in the media, subliminal pro-LGBT political messages in movies and TV shows, and why do LGBT claims and causes take so much space in the public and political debate while they already have the same rights as everyone else (marriage, adoption and now even artificial insemination for women), and while this represents a very small portion of people in society. Why is this taking so much air.

    This is not an attack, this is a fact, let's be real, and I would be happy if someone had a convincing explanation.

    I don't want to fall for a conspiracy theory, but so far I have not gotten any answer other than being censored for talking about the LGBT lobby (again, I am NOT talking about gay and lesbian people, I am talking about the LGBT lobby understood as a specific, small group of unidentified people who claim to act on behalf of an entire segment of the population but in the shadow).

    Edit 1: For whoever was offended by my use of the word "propaganda", here is the definition from the Merriam Webster dictionary:

    Propaganda -

    2. : "the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person."
    3. : "ideas, facts or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause".

    If my choice of word was innapropriate to qualify the constant hammering of LGBT ideas in the media, movies and politics these days, then please tell me what word is appropriate.

    Edit 2: I note the topic was moved to another subsection, which makes sense. But well done shutting us down concerning the initial debate. We use a keyword that only certain people apparently can pronounce so we get hit on the fingers.

    I didn't see anywhere in the forum rules that my questions were against forum policy.

    Can you please direct me towards the rule that says that only pro-LGBT statements are permitted and approbed, and that any statement that has even the remote appearance of being anti-LGBT is against the rules?
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  11. Apparently, as long as it seems like you're being offensive, you are.
  12. Yea. A ton of users are offensive on a constant basis and I don't see their posts being deleted. This mainly includes attacks concerning political views and religion. There are also a lot of people who make pro-LGBT statements and try to shame people who don't agree with their views. I don't see those people censored either.

    If there is a rule that we can't talk about LGBT, then please make it clear. And that should also prohibit pro-LGBT propaganda in order for everyone to receive equal treatment.

    But if there should be one such rule, then it should be the prohibition of ANY AND ALL political statements.

    I mean, it's not like the LGBT lobby is anything else than a political and social movement anyway, if the argument is that this is a sexual health forum and no one should feel excluded. There is a huge difference between being gay, lesbian bi or trans, and the LGBT lobby which illegitimately claims to defend the (political/legal) interests of all LGBTs. If I was an LGBT, I would probably be super pissed off by the gay pride parades and such ridiculous and indecent events. We don't see straight people do BDSM stuff on the public street in the middle of the day, do we?
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  13. ShadyPerson

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    I heavily disagree with the idea that the person who made it into a pro-LGBT/anti-LGBT thing would have had any ulterior motives. People rarely think things through that much. It seems unlikely that it was anything but that person misunderstanding what the thread was supposed to be all about. You can think whatever you like about how sane people's reactions to people criticizing LGBT are, but there's no grand conspiracy of pro-LGBT people manipulating things behind the curtain.

    The word propaganda is nowadays usually used in a negative sense. It's an extremely loaded word. I still don't think it deserved to be deleted, but you should choose your words more carefully if you don't wish to cause unnecessary drama.
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  14. We have strict policies that all moderators must follow to prevent any moderators from going rogue or abusing their power. One example: moderators are required to recuse themselves from making decisions in cases where individuals they may be biased towards or against are involved. I have reviewed the decision from sparkywantsnoPMO that you claim is an abuse of power, and I have seen nothing of the kind. You violated the rules. You were sanctioned for it. You would do better to review our forum rules here than to complain about supposed abuses of power.

    Regarding freedom of speech, this isn't 4chan. This is a community of people that have come together to support each other in recovery from their pornography addictions. Anything that is not conducive to creating a welcoming community where people can come together to heal from addiction will be subject to moderation sanction. We clearly state in our forums rules and TOS that any content posted on the forums is subject to removal per the moderation team's discretion, and you agreed to this when you registered your account. If you don't like that, you can go to 4chan and other similar sites.

    We talk about this in our posted rules:

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  15. You feel overwhelmed by the LGBTQ visibility. Why exactly? I assume you have a remote control to switch channels.
    Why is that taking so much air, you ask. How much air do you consider appropriate for LGBTQ people to have to breathe?
  16. This discussion is pointless, you obviously make no effort to understand what is being sad. You're immune to any external point of view and deaf when well argued statements are brought forward. You are the one who is actually ignorant. Have fun in your well protected nutshell. I'm off this topic.
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  17. Yep, I have nothing against straight people, but ...
    • why are they like this and that
    • why do they such and such
    • why do they always ask for more
    • how come they can‘t ...
    • why do I have to see them?
    • why do I have to listen to their nagging on minorities?
    I mean I don‘t have anything against them but do they have to be so loud and demanding? This should still be fair to say. I mean we have the right to free speech.

  18. Yep, you're not getting it.
  19. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn‘t mean to offend you. Just making use of my right for free speech ;)
  20. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I didn‘t mean to offend you. Just making use of my right for free speech ;)
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