Life after death

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    I personally hold no belief in life after death, I think our consciousness is tied to our brains, and once our brains cease to function, everything we are just turns off, like a biological machine that no longer functions, and we fall into the eternal nothingness.

    But if I were to choose I'd love to be reborn in an ancient magical land like lord of the rings with elves, dragons, magic lol.

    What's your ideal afterlife? I'm not here to debate whether or not there is such a thing, just wanna know where you'd like to spend eternity if you could choose.
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    After death, nothing happens. We take rebirth on the basis of our karma. This body is just like our clothes. Our soul is the main thing. The body keeps changing on every birth just like we change our clothes everyday.
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    I have problems about understanding the idea of god and many other religious ideas... I tried to believe, I wanted to, but I couldn't and I can't...
    The idea of afterlife is the one which I really REALLY dislike. It's like a an absolute insult to our life - why do we need to tbe and try in this life if we're going to have another and eternal? Just can't accept it.
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    We know that the body without soul is just like a table. The soul is the thing connected to the almighty and our everyday bad deeds cause us to become a dog or any poor creature in our rebirth. Its my philosophy
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    Didn't quite read my whole paragraph didn't you? lol

    I'm not here to debate if there is an afterlife, I really don't believe there is which is why I value my life and want to make the most of it before I bite the dust.

    I'm just asking to use your imagination, and think, where would u like to be reborn? You don't have to be immortal, just think you are born again, where, in what dimension? Similar to what? Harry Potter world? lol
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    I want to dissolve into stardust and float through space, becoming one with the whole of creation in an everlasting state of shamanic trance.
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    I want to be in the harry potter world. And want to become the most powerful wizard.
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    I'll bite - This seems like its not so much an afterlife thread as just your greatest wish thread.

    I think it'd be cool to be myself, with an invulnerable body that I could manipulate to look however I wanted (including invisible), and the ability to travel instantly to any time and place. I wouldn't want to change history or anything - just witness and participate in minor ways.

    Imagine the possibilities!
  10. I've never spent any time imagining what the ideal afterlife would be like. All I know is I want to live this life in a such a way that I can welcome the mystery of death with open arms and to drink death like it's water.
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