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    Hello everyone, I will share some of the youtube videos that i think will help some of you. I'm not trying to promote someone's channel, and please if you have any video that you think is worth watching feel free to live the link in comments.
    I put in a lot of links and you don't have to watch all of them but at
    least look at one or two that you think need to be seen.
    I also have some videos I didn't want to share it with the public so i can send them to inbox if anyone wants to see them.
    How I tricked my brain to like doing hard things

    What you need to know about TOXINS and CLEANSING the SECOND PROTOCOL

    What you need to know about MICROWAVE OVENS and ELECTROMAGNETIC CHAOS Killing you

    If You Have A Problem—Send a Letter | A Coach Red Pill video

    I quit my cellphone for 30 days & it changed my life

    The power of gratitude
    Writing gratitude letters

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