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    I just plunged from a 50 day nofap because of serious external reasons. The insight I gained and the steps I took make me feel that I still made a large step forward. The humbling resetting to 0 is always good and starting new with all that was gained also good. I am on my 365 day challenge and am heading to now making it. It’s only 7xwhat I already did.
    What I gained in my last tour and what I initiated I think is really good

    life coach
    I initiated to have a life coach with whom I meet twice a week to keep up my program I developed and to achieve the goals I set
    Reducing sleep to 5 h a day
    Overcoming my afternoon dip that leads to low energy and is dangerous and a hindrance in my life.
    keeping up my afternoon program of
    cooking for my son,
    a 1/2 hour nap
    workout 5x/week and
    Meditation a second time which helps me a lot
    Also to accompany me through the time my wife is in retreat and not to fall back into old patterns.
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    This works very well. It is a sweet lady who does yoga. Has a very good listening skill. To speak things out helps a lot. I will continue doing this. It needs a lot of right things to combat and overcome an addiction. Which is a blessing too because without that challenge I wouldn’t do these steps from which I learn a lot.
    I look forward to continued ongoing nice sessions to come

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