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  1. Vijay5610

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    There are many experienced different peoples here . Can u please share your life experiences what life has taught you so far . What things does matter and does not matter in life?
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  2. skibum71

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    I'm 48. All I would say is this - life is extremely unfair. Bad things happen to good people, and they suffer. Good things happen to bad people and they prosper. That is the biggest mystery in life, and I'm nowhere near figuring it out. When I do I will write a self help book and make millions :)
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  3. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    Ha ha so it will happen all our lives i thought it will end but it has been going in it will happen forever its mainly due to humans interference wherever there are humans exceptions will always exist all they care about is themselves which is also right when you step in their shoes
  4. koolpal

    koolpal Fapstronaut

    Yup noticed this too.
    I used to think life was fair, up until I got out of school, and lived in the real world, where life’s not fair.

    Good people do good things, and bad stuff happen to them.
    Bad people do bad things, and good stuff happen to them.

    My lesson from it all?
    Do what’s right & what’s best. Accept responsibility for your actions, despite the outcome. Don’t expect a reward.
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  5. NothingMoreNothingLess

    NothingMoreNothingLess Fapstronaut

    Yes, I also hate seeing bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Life is unfair, but you got to play the system. Be an asshole at times to other when you know you are right, the weak will complain and the strong will respect you. Have dignity and don’t bend over for others or act like a white knight. Won’t get you laid or make you look noble, will just make you look weak and desperate. Life is just a game. Make it the best life you can imagine.
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  6. HelplessPleaseHelp?

    HelplessPleaseHelp? Fapstronaut

    The reward is internal. When you live upon your values and desires, you will feel fine whether the outcome is so called 'good' or 'bad'. You are the only judge of yourself, and giving the judgement ability to others will only cause suffering.
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  7. koolpal

    koolpal Fapstronaut

    I guess that realizing that life is unfair,
    people tend to develop their sense of justice & injustice.

    Then that drives people to make things right.
    While it drives others to do what's right (for themselves).
  8. koolpal

    koolpal Fapstronaut

    That's an interesting thought.
    Internal reward, instead of an external reward.
  9. Breadman

    Breadman Fapstronaut

    I’m 70. I seem to be in the minority but I think the eyes with which you look at the world determine its goodness. The world is in balance. You can add to its darkness or you can add to its light, your choice. Yes, bad things happen but if you learn from them they are not a total loss. Learn to wonder at things that are good, beautiful and life affirming. Focus on those things that lift up your spirit and anyone or anything that you come in contact. You will not be disappointed. Life is good. As bad as it might seem at times it always changes. Just don’t feed the negativity you come in contact with. Let it go. The sooner you let it go the sooner the joy and happiness return.
    there is no way to happiness but to be happy and grateful for the good. Focus on that. The sun still shines on you when your down, the rain still fall on you when you are happy. Good and bad will happen just keep your eyes on the light.


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