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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by FormerFapaholic, Jan 18, 2018.

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    AS I write this, I’m in my late 20s, still living at home and looking at finally moving out, and having a place of my own. Not only because of my age, but this is also a great platform for making further developments and improvements on one self.

    I currently work full time and earn enough to live independently. But I have had difficulties in flying the nest. Lack of confidence, fear of being lonely – other things that have led to procrastination over this. But overtime since doing NoFap, I feel that my recovery from my addiction to porn and masturbation (PMO); has been a great (background) catalyst for me in making – and striving for – improvements in me and my life.

    For example, I have got into the routine of exercising on a regular basis. Like taking the dog out every day on a two or three-mile walk. I’ve even started getting back to the gym too. Other daily tasks and/or rituals include: cold baths, reading books and writing in my journal.

    Elsewhere, I’ve also started doing voluntary work in my spare time. Giving something back to community, but also learn new skills, gain experience, and to help me pursue a new career in what I want to do. As it's something I've found that gives me purpose. That itself, is a long-term life goal that I’ve set for myself. I've got myself out there to go and achieve it.

    All these changes I’ve made and what I’ve started doing over the past couple of months, has given me more confidence and more clarity. I feel that I have more drive, motivation and the desire for doing things; (re)building myself and (re)building my life. I feel that moving out, and flying the nest is something that will enhance this. I know I'm more than capable of living independently. I don’t expect it to be easy, but that itself, is a challenge I will relish. As this will be great for my growth and personal development.
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    The most complicated thing about moving abroad is to transport all the things to your new house. I had a lot of nice and qualitative furniture that I didn't want to sell, and to buy a new one in the new country. Most of all I had to transport some carpets and some family vases and sculptures that were made by my father, this is why they are important to me. I was afraid that during the transportation they can break. Luckily I found a good company that helps with transporting and moving your house, so I got all my objects in safe.
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    Have you considered roommates?
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  4. Sounds like you have a lot of things figured out. Great way to start a new era in what sounds like an exciting life ahead of you. Well done! You can definitely handle the loneliness part of it. It's not just a character-building lesson, to stave it off you'll just be more active and involved in your life, and where you're no, maybe it'll help you learn to be even more at ease with yourself. Moving is out is fun!
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