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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Arbiter, May 18, 2018.

  1. Arbiter

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    Hey guys, I have been practicing NoFap for quite a while now (Of course there were setbacks and relapses, but only what matters is to keep pushing forward and thats what I do).

    I want to have the most out of my life, as a I try to improve it each day
    The Positive Things That I Do:
    - I do cold showers everyday, which feels unbelievably great and helps me alot.
    - NoFap, of course, should be mentioned first.
    - Every day, spend at least some good amount outside (I noticed it helps me to sleep better and get better dreams too)
    - I go to the gym 3 times a day (Already 3 years, massive results)
    - I eat a healthy and rich diet (alot of protein intake, chicken breast, fish, meat... milk and eggs and also dont forget some vegetables and fruits!)
    - I dont smoke
    - I quit playing video games and sit infront of the computer for very long time periods, about few years ago/
    - I socialize a lot, I go to volunteer at an animal shelter for dogs every week.
    - Yeah.

    The Negative Things I Do (Or just negative things) that I want to improve:
    - I try and resist this as much as I can, but sometimes when I go out with friends we go and binge drink, something Im not really proud of.
    - Im kinda short? (1.66 cm) I dont really think about it most of the time but there are times when it gets me and hits my confidence a little.
    - I have Myopia that rates at -5.00 Left eye, -4.00 Right eye, and I kind of want to get rid of that, preferably in a natural way (if there is any), I have read about the Bates Mehod (Mostly eye exercise) and the Hormetism (Using lower and lower prescriptions by 0.25 diopters to put "stress" on the eyes a little so they adapt to it, kinda like muscle growth by training).

    My visionis bothering me for quite a while, I know I should be grateful for everything because there are people with much bigger problems that make this look like a minor inconvenience, but still I wanna improve that because its just a husske (Getting a pair of glasses, buying contact lenses and so)

    Also since my least breakup (about a year ago) I was really heartbroken and had a hell of a bad time dealing with it, since then im struggling to find a new partner, girls just dont seem interested, and it never gets anywhere so I kinda lost faith in women I guess, it gets really frustrating to be alone at times.

    So what can you all say about what I wrote above?
    I would really like to read your input and suggestions on what I wrote.

  2. cranks175

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    Hey Arbiter, did you make improvement on your eyesight? I am also struggling with myopia and i know it affects in a negative way my life as I never feel comfortable when wearing glasses and I have a poor vision also if I wear them.

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