Life is so tedious and boring. Life is the same with PMO and without it

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Austin88, Jun 25, 2021.

  1. Austin88

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    Same thing everyday. covid, covid, covid, covid, covid, on every website even unrelated to covid there are at least 16 mentions of it. Being bored to death sitting at home all day. People being paranoid they're gonna catch covid from you so they stay far away. How are people supposed to be happy in this kind of life? This has been going on for two years now. And it was supposed to last only two weeks.
  2. eagle rising

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    Well, you're expecting happiness to be delivered to you. It doesn't work that way. You have to bring about happiness on your own. Look at someone who is depressed. Know one can do or say anything to make them happy. On the other end of the spectrum, look at all the people whom find time for joyful expression even in the downest of times!

    No, you need to mentally bring about happiness from within. If you're not used to doing this, it will take time to learn. Your life is in your hands, no else's.
  3. Marourag

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    people still talk about covid ? almost forgot we had it, man you're watching the news too much, no wonder you're depressed
    constant negativity worries and problems outside your control
    life is where you put your focus
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  4. Orjoon

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    I understand where you coming from. It is frustrating to hear and see Covet-19 everywhere. Now the delta variant is spreading.
    If I were you I would set up a small goal not to use porn with small reward and small consequences. Something meaningful to you.
    If I use porn I won't eat my breakfast and not drink my coffee.
    If I stay away for a week each week I will wear a handmade string bracelet to remind my accomplishments.
    Something you decide.
  5. Austin88

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    Happiness isn't a privilige. That's just something prefer to believe to make themselves feel better about themselves. Depression doesn't work like that. Even those people that act like a Looney Tunes character can easily become depressed out of nowhere. It has nothing to do with how strong someone is. But you're right about my life being in my hands, even if the odds are stacked against me.
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  6. Austin88

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    The news is everywhere and I don't even go on social media. People are hysterical about covid where I live. Even with no lockdown they wear masks in cars. If they see someone with a loose mask they act like they just had a heart attack. You can't go to the supermarket without a mask, temperature check and QR code sign in. It's very hard to live life like it's not going on. It's in everyone's face now. People are angry all the time. The medical system has come to a stop so if you have anything other than covid you can't see a doctor.
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  7. eagle rising

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    I disagree wholeheartedly. I never said happiness is a privilege, nor is it about being "strong". It is your choice! It is not a belief. It is reality. The belief is that you have to bow down to your situations. No, you have the power (don't think strength) to change your inner situations. The sooner you realize this the better.
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  8. PrioritySystem

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    Bunch of idiots
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  9. Melkhiresa

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    for most young people it is not a big deal but if they get infected they can kill some older family member all because they were too lazy to wear a mask.
    Most people too easily confuse being sad temporally with depression, you do not become depressed out of nowhere but you are right about that having nothing to do with how strong you are.
  10. skaterdrew

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    I don't actually want the mask wearing to stop in public places. It seriously helps my social anxiety those masks.

    Literally to the point I hardly feel that anxious walking into a supermarket, shop these days. But before the masks my anxiety was sky high doing those things.
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  11. Do you have a mental health disorder or porn-induced social anxiety? What your saying sounds alarming. Why are you feeling anxious when you are shopping/getting groceries?
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  12. skaterdrew

    skaterdrew Fapstronaut

    Yeah I guess it is quite severe social anxiety, social phobia.
  13. greenishmoon

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    That's great. The same happened to me. But beware, you should learn about that fear of being seen.
  14. greenishmoon

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    Do you use social media?
  15. Usernameallowed

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    I wear a face mask in the car because I have to go to like 4 places in fairly close proximity but enough to drive down the street . Why bother taking it off and on 4 times just becomes an irritant

    I'm sure many others wear them in cars or street out of convenience
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  16. FlorianStayStrong

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    This Covid nonsens has gone way to far, more and more young and old People are killing themselfs because they got depressed durring the lockdown here.
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