Life Pressures and Fantasizing

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Midnight00, Jun 18, 2021.

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    Hi all!

    I been at this journey for a while now and have been slowly realizing things about my self- failing a lot in the process allthoughout!

    I used to use PMO as a way of stress relief. If there is a huge pile of work that mounts up or I feel humiliated that someone is performing better than or if I know I am in trouble ... I used to use PMO to relieve the anxieties and stress associated with it. Now, I am on this journey, I realize that is one of the biggest triggers to make me relapse. I don't know what to do ... when I fear something (I messed something up and I know I am in trouble), I just PMO like crazy and if I don't, I just get these weird sensations in my body and I feel sick and I just feel highly aroused ... it is like the extremity of stress.

    I would love any suggestions on how to deal with it.

    Another thing is that as I do nofap ..... a few days after, I feel like my mind finds way to come up with new scenarios of cuckolding to get me aroused enough. I know these are wrong, but I am so aroused by it that I just can't focus on what I am currently doing and then, to relieve that mind fog I PMO- I feel terrible but it gets rid of the brain fog.

    I would love any suggestions that people have in dealing with this.

    Stay strong all!
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    Focusing on breathing helps. Also try to ignore not fight those thoughts, focusing on breathing helps. Also finding activities that are nice and enjoyable to keep you busy and not have time to fantasize. Also accepting that we are not perfect helps, it is your ego that fears to fail. There are no fails in life, only lessons. If you do your best, no matter if someone else sees it differently you should be at peace with yourself. No need to stress. Here focusing on breathing also helps. God bless you man, stay strong!
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    Thanks a lot brother! Stay strong!
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  4. Fantasizing can be such a big problem. I was never heavy into watching porn, so i would always fantasize to help get myself off. I became good at it, too.
    And it's difficult now that I'm on no PMO because I can slip into fantasizing so easily, it's like second nature to me. My mind will just wander and before I know it I'm halfway through a fantasy without even knowing it. It's been embarrassing at times; I've started getting hard in public before. Never a full on erection though, thank goodness.

    You're not alone in fighting this, I suppose that's my point.

    And what have I done to fight it? Just devoting myself to being more aware of my own thoughts. And the more I practice that, the easier it's become to catch myself fantasizing before it gets out of hand, and the less automatic the fantasizing has become.


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