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    Since I've been on this site, which is not much, just almost a month. In this month, I have noticed that I like counters, and checking off goals or habits as they are completed.

    One interesting way to do this, is by using Lift, a web and mobile app that let's you do exactly that: Tap on a check mark, and it turns green. You can set weekly goals, which is what I use the app primarily for.

    If it wasn't for lift I would have a signature with all the little self improvement habits I am currently doing and that would be too much :p

    One nifty feature of using Lift, is its community. It is not surprising to sometimes have people who have the same goal as you do. When that happens you can join that Goal group. Every time you tap the daily checkmark of that goal, everyone in that Goal Group can see it. And you get "props" which are like a thumbs up for completing your goal/habit.

    If you want to remain anonymous, you have the option to have private goals as well.
    For even more privacy, you don't even have to use your real name or last name.

    So with all that said, I highly recommend you all try it!*

    Get it at, and start "lifting yourself up!"**

    *Note: I wish I got paid for this message, but I do not. I just really like the app.
    ** Note 2: This is not LIft's slogan, this is my incredibly horrible and cheesy slogan for Lift I just made up.
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    Damn. This is exactly what I've been thinking of making, for other goals of course. I have an iPhone but I'll find a way to study this UI and app. Thanks for the link!
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