Link between junk food / overeating and increased urges

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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to post this topic here so that anyone who has reset can perhaps think about what they ate during that day.

    In my personal experiance there is a strong correlation between overeating (or eating certain foods like meat / junk food like cakes, chocolate etc) and the increase in sexual urges.

    I would personally advise anyone who is struggling to eat slightly less then their full, cutting down on meat and significantly reduce sugar foods and see what impact it has on them.

    Or if possible fast for the day - I can say from personal experiance this significantly reduces the urges.

    If anyone is interested in this connection further please pick up the book by the early philosopher Al Ghazali called “Breaking the two desires”. (Ghazali argues the brain is split into different areas – the part that deals with appetite (both lust and food) is called the lower brain (or the lower self) and that part that makes the decisions and deals with reason is the upper brain. The lower brain needs to be subjugated (or fought) by the upper brain.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Good luck, I am praying for everyone here, please pray for me too.
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