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  1. Actually, I was doing good. To the deepest level of self-consciousness.
    I'd experienced that. It feels like my mind/my body was disconnect from reality followed by a period of depression.
    I got to this notion by a qualified psychologist. I asked him why and he showed me the notion above.

    Right now, after idk nearly 10 years of meditation, I've stopped doing it. Meditation worked like this: I was feeling awareness, more alert than before, but, in the mean time disconnected from the reality and drown in abstraction.

    Now, I'm recovering
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  2. "An out-of-body experience in which one feels they have passed out of the body into another state of being, a rapture, an ecstasy. In a general way, the entranced conditions thus defined are divided into varying degrees of a negative, unconscious state, and into progressive gradations of a positive, conscious, illumining condition."
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    You referenced a different guy in your question, not me. But still want me to answer your question. Ok.
    There are literally millions of websites talking about meditation. Some do give enough warning, some don't. You need to do the best you can to do your own research and find a good teacher or system as with all things. The kundalini syndrome only being one reason for it.

    I meant that as in "it is my experience that meditation is the most powerful tool in helping people break free from porn addiction" not as in "breaking free from my experience". Sorry for the phrasing.

    Yes agreed. 100%. That's extremely important and healing for human beings in general. And again, IF DONE CORRECTLY. Throwing someone with social anxiety, traumas and all kinds of problems into a group of people, maybe even the wrong kind of people, can result in disaster, retraumatization, pain and withdrawal instead of healing. Same as with meditation, whereas I'd claim that meditation carries less risk in regards to throwing you backwards.
    Those are tools and it's important how you use them. Just like a hammer can be used for good or bad.

    That alone now could be a very interesting philosophical discussion...
    And I said that people who meditate in certain ways face what is there in the moment, the pain that most of us run away from most of the time. Trying to distract ourselves with porn or all kinds of different stimulation. In meditation you can learn to finally face and accept the pain as it is and learn to deal with it in a healthy way. And yes, you can gain wisdom from facing your own pain that you used to be too scared of.

    All in all I get the impression that you are hell-bent on not liking meditation. Trying to see the problems more than the solutions even though it helps so many people in so many situations.
    My question would be, what's your problem with meditation?
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  4. Bad experience, because no one warned me about the possible "side effects", and I was stupid to think it is a no risk "habit", and will speed up, or help my recovery. I was wrong, I hope others will not step in same trap, as I did. I opened this topic as I try to find the solutions too, and share with others.
    You found in meditation part of your solution, and I respect your desicion.
  5. It is dangerous, man. All I can advice for anyone stay away from anything that alter your mind. It is similar when someone without knowledge about PC plays around with BIOS(uefi) settings, then boom, suddenly the computer will not start as it used to.

    10 years? That long time. If you experience bad things just send me a private message, and I try to help if can.
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  6. It was an addiction just like porn. All what I need is listening to vocal music/trying to reconnect.
    I'm an over-sensitive guy now, and I can firmly state it's because of my deep meditation habit.
    Although,it wasn't that bad.Being over-sensitive means more (information;knowledge) income and I appreciated that.Meditation as I mentioned above makes you more sensitive.

    Thanks man,I'm trying to leave it along with porn.
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  7. Oh man I'm on day 16 now, BUT I should say it's been about one week that I haven't listened to even a single instrumental music (Including meditation music) and I've been listening to vocal musics. Now I feel kind of exuberant, energetic,confident,"connected again, back in reality!" and totally awesome.hmmm lol.

    Instead of meditation, I used to listen to a lot of radio content to improve my English. I feel I like this routine (Listening to vocal music instead of meditation music and meditating.)
    You owe me a high five, don't you? :D
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  8. Congrats! :D You right, listening to radio much better than other options. I tend to listen to radio whenever I can too. Dont forget to exercise as much your body let you in safe way. That also something that offen adviced for those who "overmeditated", as I read.

    I hope that you notice now not just "honeymoon" weeks, and you can pass your recovery without bad withdrawals.
  9. You said that!
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