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  1. @BreatheDeeply mentioned a recovery podcast ... named Hope That Heals (I think that is the name).

    What other podcasts can people recommend for PA's? For SO's? For repairing broken relationships due to PA?
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  2. The one I listen to is primarily for PA's. It can be found at, but uses the name Pornfree Radio for the podcast portion. I have listened to the first 100+ episodes with there being about 140 total. There are a few episodes geared towards the SO, but I wouldn't recommend it as a source for SO's unless you are looking to hear the perspective of the PA. From what the host says, there are partners who do listen an benefit from it.

    Just to add: You'd think that after 100 episodes I'd have learned something, and I have. I've learned a LOT. I'm not completely healthy yet, but it's been one of the most influential parts of my ongoing recovery.
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  6. Podcast Name = Pure Sex Radio

    It is definitely a Christian podcast .. if you are not into religious things, skip this.

    I only listened to two random episodes so far....the first one was "Boundaries for Wives" -- about wives settings Ok - not great, but worth it.

    The second episode I randomly listened to was "Unpacking Trauma" ... this one was not too good / not very useful. (which surprised me)

    So I guess overall...not the best Podcast find here -- BUT, just listening to it / focusing my time (while commuting to/from work) --- I found that "dead time" in the car rewarding to try and learn about addiction / betrayal / recovery / etc.
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    This is an excellent sermon series from The Meeting House. It is a good look at gender, sex, relationships, lust, etc. It's great learning for christians, and does a great job explaining the christian perspective for non-christians. Good practical information for everyone. You can pick and choose between individual topics.

  12. the mindful habit by craig perra

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