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    So I wrote this list of my triggers/rationalisations which try to prompt me to give up and PMO. I thought it might be helpful to share. Add your own if you wish!




    High sexual tension

    Sadness/negative emotions

    Success feeling so 'deserve' to PMO

    Niggling addiction feeling

    Nothing matters/may as well/world is gonna end anyway, so screw it!

    There’s this one girl I want to PMO to... Just this one girl!

    Things will turn out fine in the end so give yourself a break now! (lolz)

    Sexual thoughts

    Morning wood

    Trigger solution interrupted (i.e. what I would normally do, like take a cold shower, is not possible because someone else is in the shower)

    Sexual images or words trigger encountered randomly whilst out in the world

    'There’s always next time so I can fail now...'

    'Who cares what my ego wants! Egos are bullshit!'

    Feeling sleepy

    'This is the hardest thing I will ever have to do so it’s fine to fail a couple of times'

    'Going a little way down the path won't do no harm'


    'Do I even want to be that successful??'

    'Don’t worry, I can just add this trigger to the rest of them after I’ve fapped' (hahaha definitely got me in the past)

    'I don’t even know what this trigger is so how can I act... may as well PMO!'

    Some situational thing for that day: 'today would be a bad day to be sexually active... so I better PMO!'
  2. SerpentEagleHeart

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    Hahaha and apparently also 'I just wrote and shared this list of triggers, I should feel proud of myself... and let myself PMO!'
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  3. Thanks for sharing this. It's amazing how we try to convince and rationalize to ourselves how we need our addiction. I think you should post your counter arguments which help you overcome the urges!

    For example one of mine was:

    Addict Mentality: "If you don't PMO, life will be boring and you will not be happy."

    Response: "False! There was a time where PMO was not a part of my life and I was still very happy and very active. I do not need PMO."

    This type of processing and thinking has helped me quit smoking. I've been smoke free for 4 years now and I'm very happy.
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    Great list. It's amazing how the brain tries EVERYTHING to rationalise PMO.

    My rationalisation has always been: "I can't be productive without getting rid of these thoughts out of my head so PMO to cleanse yourself!"

    Oh the irony...
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    Good list there, I'm guilty of some of those triggers lol
    I'm not going to fed my desires anymore

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