List to analyze physical and mental state that might contribute to urge/relapse

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    So I started thinking of a thorough way to take stock of the factors surrounding reboot, but of course it involves more and is good for self improvement or improvement of how we deal with life. I thought I'd put it out there instead of in my journal in case anyone wants to collaborate, so please make any suggestions and add your thoughts. My thought is this may be good to do periodically, definitely post-relapse but even if there's a fairly sticky situation where maybe you didn't act out but was at risk of doing so - or actually just straight up preventive, doing it when you are not even feeling an urge.

    There's overlaps in these categories, but the point is if we understand it thoroughly it will not catch us by surprise and we can recognize any of the factors early and deal with it. If an urge is particularly strong and someone has a good meditation/contemplative practice I can see where if they stop and investigate and analyze both internally and externally they can take the pull out of it by this kind of analysis, and for that matter come up with action strategies.

    And speaking of practical action, the first step would be to memorize such a list and then when you want to do it recall and ask what there is under each category at the moment.
    1. Stress
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Biological/physiological
      • Diet
      • Chemical
      • Structural (surgical implants, injuries)
    • Psychological
    • Social (pressure from peer/social groups)
    • Situational (life transition, loss of job etc)
    2. Loneliness​
    • Communal (group)
    • Peer
    • Familial
    • Sexual
    • Philosophical
    3. Triggers​
    • Sensory
      • Visual
      • Auditory
      • Tactile
      • Olfactory
    • Psychological (narratives)
      • Internal
      • External

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