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  1. I have a habit of listening to loud music on my speaker near my chair for about 3 hr while doing the study. can anyone tell me Is it is dangerous for my hearing or if yes what habit should I do if I want to be entertained during doing a copy-paste task
    i feel like this can cause great trouble
  2. Akbarmagnus

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    depending on your neighbor it can be very dangerous.
  3. FirefromAbove

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    It could probably damage your hearing or result in a noise complaint.
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  4. So which habit to replace with it
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  5. ANewFocus

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    Get a decibel meter and measure the volume. If it’s over 85db for that period of time, it will cause longterm damage to your hearing.
  6. I will measure it today , using an extension
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  7. I DONT LISTEN LONG BUT it shows a maximum of 75 and min at 25. it stays average at 60

    Sometime it sitting get to 4 hr, even so, what should I do?
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  8. E31

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    i doubt the this extension will give you usable parameters in terms of healthy levels of listening music, I did not try it out but it doesn't seem to take the frequency relation into account as different frequencies affect your hearing differently(e.g. around 3khz is were our ears are most sensitive) and if your using a built in microphone the measurements can't be that accurate.

    Best measurement is your ears - is it a comfortable volume for you, do you feel any buzzing or other noise in your ears afterwards, could you still hear a normal conversation through the music, are your speakers very bass heavy etc.
    If in doubt, just turn down the volume a bit, which is also what I would recommend as the habit to replace it, easy fix lol
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  9. I THINK I SHOULD CHANGE THE TYPE OF MUSIC I HEAR. I HEAR USUALLY WITH RAP AND SO MUCH HIGH BEAT. I remember that while I complete my work after listing to music for 3 hr straight. the ear was feeling uncomfortable
  10. fredisthebes

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    I recommend a break of approx. 10 minutes of silence for every hour of loud music you listen to. If you have difficulty concentrating on your studies during the silent time, perhaps use the time to do some admin or planning, reading, etc. Even a short meditation.

    Your ears will thank you one day for taking regular breaks between loud music. Watch the volume too - if you experience ringing in your ears after you turn the music off, ease off the volume next time.
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  11. THANKS
  12. Hadrian3

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    Play one track only. After it's ended, play another. These will probably make some gap between the songs and give your poor ears some rest.
  13. Ok
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    I’ll bet your neighbors love you, lol
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  15. gsherman100

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    I played the marching snare drum in high-school, never wore earplugs, and listened to loud music all the time and I can tell you my hearing has suffered. There are men that I work with who are twice my age with far better hearing than myself and I'm 29. I still hear alright for the most part but if I go into a room with even a little background noise I often have to ask them to repeat themselves. I would highly recommend to turn the music down if its over 85 db.
  16. Does it ever cure
  17. It literally scared me. I just use music to stay awake at night while I have to do (copy paste work:- copy teacher's note)

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