Living a Normal Life, Getting Passed Your Age and Acting like an Adult: Ten Life Techniques

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    So a lot of what we see here at the Heirs, over at NoFap and any other youth-troubled issues is exactly that: A whole lot of damn youth. Young people growing up and learning how to adapt to the world in which they live. Not such an easy task, especially if you place obstacles in your way. The point of this discussion is to understand that right now you are being poisoned by hormones and your brain is trying to learn how to not act like an idiot. Relax, here are a few tips from someone who has made it out the other end.

    Number one Wake up and take a shower. Stop skipping this part, that is gross. Moreso when we take a shower we kind of reset or reboot and start fresh. Taking a shower gives us a natural chance to get ready for something new, it just happens as a consequence of the act. Also we feel better, naturally. You may not realize this, but leaving the house without being clean is going to make you act slightly more grungy and disturbed. Being young is strange enough, let's not start the day with another challenge you could have overcome. Plus, you will be more approachable. I'm not saying you turn into a saint, but you become slightly more pleasant feeling and people sense that.

    Number Two Wear clean clothes and get used to managing your clothing cycle. That's right, ditch the two pair of paint cycle and get a pair for each day of the week. Look good for once in your life and know what that confidence feels like. I think I get complimented on my clothes every time I go out. Why? Because before I leave I make sure my gear is clean, pressed and shiny. I look good, I feel good and people move out of the way because you can't get in the way of someone who is rolling with that much goodness. Tell your dad you want to get some more clothes and actually match those khakis with a nice shirt for once. Or better yet, make some of your own money and buy your own stuff.

    If you did one and two, chances are you need zero help from me on anything else. You have taken initiative to look and feel good and the rest just comes with life experience. But in case you are a poor student at this Academy, read on.

    Number Three Stop swearing. Yup, clean up that mouth boy. Swearing out of context and overusing poor language makes you appear to be somewhat of an uneducated moron. Stop talking trashy and people may actually seek your opinion on things like fine wine and sports. Maybe not. But one thing is for sure: If you talk like a respectable person, like a classy guy should, then sooner or later it will give you the upper hand. Maybe not this week or this month, but it will present itself to you as being the reason you were hired or chosen for something down the line. Even if you are ignorant in a situation and lack the experience to say much, keep silent.

    In the words of Mark Twain: It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt

    Number Four Easy on the weed and juice. I'm not against pot or booze, but your brain is sharpest when it is sober. It's best to only use recreational drugs when they are legal, and sparingly. Someone wants to smoke a joint? Fine, but if you just got high the day before then you should reevaluate your life and see if your friends are following rules one and two.

    Number Five Treat people with respect, even when they don't deserve it. This one is not easy but it's the respectful man of class that knows this is true. Do not react to others and you have already gained the upper hand in any situation. Keep cool in front of the assholes and let them look dumb. Everyone around will look at you in a more positive light. They will see you as you see yourself: clean and confident.

    Number Six Don't be the first or last guy at the party. Show up a little later than expected and leave early, right before things get weird. Know your limits and when to say you have had enough drinks to keep your wits. There are better things in life to getting sloppy. Also, remember when you were getting sloppy and your friend was talking to his current girl? Ya, when you get sloppy you are unapproachable and you are acting like an idiot. No one likes that.

    Number Seven It's not always the work at school that matters, it's the system of cognizing what is taught that needs to be learned. ? So what does that mean. The specific assignment in school is not really what you might use in real life, but that doesn't mean it is irrelevant. Mostly school is designed to teach you a system and how to follow the rules and use reasonable thinking to finish a given task. This shows you can be a subordinate and can follow rules and tasks, do them like you were in the military. Finish your studies the way they want and get high scores. Then after high school you can make your own degree. But in the mean time: Do what you are told. Get in, get good grades and get out into the real world. Chances are you will pick up on anything quickly because you are trained to take orders. Then you can give them one day.

    Number Eight Be fit, be active, eat clean and lose that fat. Seriously if you are overweight you need to get fit. Being fit shows what kind of person you are. Being overweight shows you don't always know what is best or how to regulate your own eating habits. This goes along with being healthy, being content and looking your best. I know you don't like what you look like, so change it. Getting fit is pretty easy, it just takes regular work at changing habits. Hit the gym and go for a run everyday. You will thank me one day.

    Number Nine Get involved in politics. I know that might sound strange, but you need to get a basic understanding of how society works in order to function in it. You might even be able to change something in this world once you realize how screwed up it is. Do the research and see where you fall in your beliefs. Are you pro-life? Pro choice? Do you even know what that means? One day someone will look to you for a decision, whether that be personal and happening to you or family related or friend. You want to know the options, you want to have a good grasp at what smart people are saying out there, or what idiots are in charge and trying to do with policy and laws. This is part of growing up and becoming a respectable member of the community, of society. Get with it. Standing back and observing is for the monks. Let them do that. For now you should be paying attention to the life you are in.

    Number Ten Never take something so seriously that you stress, get frustrated or get so angry that you need to take your own life or hurt yourself in some way. I have seen many youth today get so stressed out at university or work, or even from a demanding family, that they attempt to take their own life. I even knew some friends that were successful at it. Two old friends of mine OD'ed on heroin and one hung himself. Why? Too much stress on society, from family, not enough knowledge on their part. They had no where else to turn.

    Listen, the laws of life are only as troubling as you make them. The simple techniques I have outlined are a way to get you moving in the right direction. Life isn't that hard, you just have to obey the stop signs and know when you have the right of way. Take care of yourself with basic clean habits and keep your mind sharp. There really isn't much more to it than that. Just make sure to be clear headed when you speak and try not to upset anyone. Have someone you can trust to lean on when you can't stand and be ready to support someone else when they struggle. There are ups and downs out there, but knowing what to do in any given situation is powerful. It all starts with you, with starting the day right and ending it right. Life will never stop you and say when to relax or when to be serious or when to be happy. You have to use your own wisdom and always have happiness inside, right there in the background. Let contentment be your source from where everything comes out of. Be humble enough to say when you don't know something and be passionate about other things.

    I hope that clears some stuff up. Just felt I had to write something real quick.
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    It's really good, thanks!

    I agree on number 2, well fitting clothes does help with confidence and even posture.

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