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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Mike28, Dec 17, 2020.

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    Hey guys

    I just wanted to create a way for people with similar interests to share their experiences.
    Unfortunately my area closed every gym last Sunday for 6 weeks. I want to get my heart rate going at home and wondered if you guys would like to share some of your workouts that you are doing.

    I personally have a set of 15kg DBs, one 20kg DB, 16kg kettlebell, a 9kg ball, yoga mat, jump rope and resistance bands.

    I plan on doing 5 body building workouts a day with 3-4 functional fitness/CrossFit style workouts added to that. I am used to this amount of work per week, no worries.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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    :O with all this material you can have a gym at home!
    I quitted with gym from years , now i only have some DB of about 17 kg.

    I do 5 different workouts during the week and in daily basis i do Push ups. A push up work out is anyway needed.
    Feel free to join The Push-Up Daily Challenge if you'd like, results guaranteed. (even more than in the gym )
  3. My routine varies greatly, only because I will get bored af going the same old. I am lucky to have one set of 35lb hex DBs (with fat grips) and a pull-up bar. I find 35s challenging enough for most exercises, but sadly too heavy for some lifts for me due to atrophy / wrist strain.

    Typically, I warm up with light stretches or performing the motions of the workout with no weight.

    Back and biceps: “deadlift”, stiff-leg deadlift, DB rows (bent over, with chair), standing curls, hammer curls, cross-body hammer curls, concentration curls, max out on pull ups and chin ups with various grips.

    Chest and triceps: push-ups (all variations : regular, feet-up, pike, cross-body, clap, w/ DBs), standing fly. Sprinkle some calves and shoulder press.

    Legs: DB squats (many variations), stiff-leg deadlift, squat to shoulder press, squat to shrug, lunges. Sprinkle in calves.

    I work calves everyday because I want them to grow. I go for high rep rates of calf raises (toes pointing in, out, and straight), squat to calf raises with DBs, and calf raise to jumps. Typically, I’ll do a two 1-min circuits of each of these until fatigue.

    Fuck abs.

    Each day takes about an hour in total. I eat like a beast and hit one of these splits daily, resting as needed.
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    Tomorrow's calisthenics circuit:

    60 bodyweight sumo squats
    20 2 pump burpees
    8-9 chin ups
    40 leg raises
    50 Jumping jacks.

    Repeat circuit without any rest for 45 minutes. I am still a beginner in volume training and calisthenics. Emphasis on legs because I want to improve my jogging. After the circuits,40 minutes jogging,then stretching.

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