locking the monster up will free my mind

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    I wonder what it feels to be free, free of this, this is HELL, this is worse than a NIGHTMARE
    being a SLAVE of this MONSTER is no joke, I wonder what it feels like to have control of my life again, to be able to be ME once again, I know I have created a monster and its sure very alive inside my HEAD I have been feeding this monster most of my life and now I just want this beast to leave me alone I just want to lock him up and throw the key away, one day I will I will lock him up and throw the key away away where I cant find it, to all of those who fight DEMONS inside your head KEEP STRONG we will win they probably never die and live inside inside our head but its up to us to cage them forever and get rid of the key. KEEP STRONG ALL YOU!!!!
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    Monsters and demons are our own making. Acknowledging that an activity is harming you due to addiction is the first step towards recovery. Do not be hard at yourself as that’s what every addiction wants. Every addiction wants you to feel and and come back to it. You took a big step with acknowledgement and moving forward. You might have tried before or you might relapse, but whatever happens be proud that you have identified the problem and don’t give up no matter what happens. Keep trying keep pushing keep working. It’s all worth it!
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