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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Mr.Reaper, Jan 7, 2020.

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    hi man , can u explain this more please ?
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    You are helping me alot with this Whiteflag. That is do effects me. Actually, this make me thing that relationship is allways a thing of a giant risk. That there over 100 things that can go wrong, or ever worse. Your example show me, that running after girls is not good thing. That there is better things i better follow. So i decided the one thing. I decided to learn, how to express myself perfectly. To learn how to be focus. Since calmines and goodwill is my trait characteristics, i decided to grow them. And, in the end, learn how to be good, without enyone at hand. I thing that will be better, then tring act cool. And i also hope, thing will be better when i achive University, at least becouse i planning to be much better than i am right now.
    And, quastion about confidense. I, actualy do feel myself realy confident, when in small groups, or 1 on 1 coverstaions. But when deal comes to the big groupes, loud parties, or decent amount of people in general, i kind of losing my focus. My psychology basicly works in a way to concentration on single topic, or person while talking, and when there is too much of a people, its become loud, flitting all over the place, i do not like that way. Is there a way to somehow handle big amounts of loud poeple in one place?
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    its exactly what i said. i can have a good time outside but i miss those times when i come home and she'll be there to greet me with a warm smile and a hug. its those small things that i took for granted. fkkk......

    "Your example show me, that running after girls is not good thing." well, if i can clarify, I think its important to focus on your own growth first. and along the way, if you happen to meet a nice, genuine girl, maybe making some moves ain't that bad of an idea. Back then, i was in an emotionally bad place and i was basically looking for sex and casual companionship to distract me from my pain, and im lucky i didn't get tied down by the shrewd schemin' crazy (but so good in bed) man-user that i met. I guess once you've seen the devil, you exercise a bit more caution.

    If you meet girls that arent "dangerous" and you seem to have good vibes about them or with them, dont mean you cant go for coffee and enjoy their company or what not. The trouble happens when a woman becomes your whole world either because youre 'so in love' and her world becomes more important than yours or you're being used-n-abused by a man-user and you start to neglect your own time/goals and self-development.
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  4. To abstain from sex is to know the Matrix. That is what meditation is.
  5. thats the plight of non chad men sadly. deal with it. i suggest you cut contact with women since they are cancerous

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