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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TheLightOne, Aug 14, 2021.

  1. TheLightOne

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    Fuck. I am the loneliest person in the world. Despite the fact i have ppl to talk to via phone or msngr i spend 6/7 days completely alone. Despite being a millionaire ..
    Fuck my life.
  2. Good man, I'm lonely too, but I believe you decide what you want, I deep down believe that we can socialize like anyone else.
  3. Real talk? Do something about it. If you can crack the 7 figure code you can figure out how to bring new people into your life.
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  4. It's probably the money weighing you down. I'd be happy to relieve you some of it, if you like? :rolleyes:
  5. JoeinUSA

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    There are many people who have none of those things and are lonely...so you might not be the loneliest, just ungrateful for what you have in life. This you can turn around by being thankful to God, which will further transform your outlook of self and others in your life. And, you have a whole community of people you could help as a generous giver with your assets. Are you really lonely at all, or just disconnected/displaced from yourself and thereby from others? When one shuts out life, life begins to shut them out. Don't stay on such a path.

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  6. brandyx

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    Hi there. You are not alone. In fact, 1 out of 5 people is lonely and has no close friends. The history's greatest people were also loners. You should try to use your loneliness for your benefit. Read books, solo travel, contemplate about life, and make more money.
  7. Oh Henry

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    It sounds like there are people in your life but you lack strong social connections with them. Is that a fair characterization?
    Of the people you know, identify those who share similar values to you and work on nurturing those relationships.
    Aim for 1 or 2 strong and meaningful social connections... That will be much more fulfilling than having many shallow friendships
  8. Get out of your house? Engage in some sports or social activity? Make new friends?

    You are a millionaire... Invest smart and you dont need to work anymore. Use that time to build an interesting lifestyle.

    Alternatively you can go the spiritual route and start exploring. If i were you i would go on a vipassanna retreat immediately and start doing a 1 year long term service. You got the money. You got success. You realize living for self alone is completely useless. This suggestion of mine is the antidote.
  9. sam30

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    i will be your friend...
  10. sam30

    sam30 Fapstronaut

    what do you mean go spirutal route? i am kidna egaging into that myself.. i lately started watching all these wisdom quotes on youtube...
  11. Find your life's purpose again, and chase it. Your path will lead you to new people and cure your loneliness. Don't stop working on yourself.
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  12. You what works for me at least half of the time, forcing yourself into social situations, Positive ones at least. Keep movin' and improvin', keep movin' and improvin'.
  13. ndaty

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    +1 :D:D:D:D:oops:
  14. FrequencyLimbos

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    look at it this way, I'm alone and I'm not a millionaire haha.
  15. Have you gone out to different interests of events/hobbies and introduced yourself and tried making a friend? It’s actually not hard at all, you can be stupid, awkward, smelly and still make a friend to talk with.

    In fact in whatever you’re good at people into the same interest will WANT to be your friend because they admire the knowledge you have about X thing.

    Yes you can have lots of friends as well and still be lonely, we all experience it to some degree. One thing I learned is that you don’t sit around waiting for someone to reach out to you all the time, you initiate, just like meeting a new woman.
  16. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    hmm, just went down to my local leisure centre/gym. Going to sort my monthly membership today or tomorrow, I'd say it's a good way to meet positive people and talk to some girls.

    and since you're working out, you're burning off all that horniness so you won't feel as awkward.
  17. That’s where I’ve met lots of people in fact. Most of us are there for the same reasons and it’s a positive place to meet new people at the appropriate times.
  18. FrequencyLimbos

    FrequencyLimbos Fapstronaut

    yeah, place of positivity my dude, waitin for a call back so Ik which membership i want. I've never really applied myself in life so this is all new for Me but it feels good to start doin something.
  19. At least you are a millionaire. I have nothing of the sort.

  20. As I think about it more and more I wouldn't want to be rich, but more rich inside my heart and body. Of course you get luxury and first class behind every door. But some people are just happy as they can be where they are. If you are living in a huge mansion or place, try and get out in nature.

    Nature has helped me feel more at one with myself and thought process. Try at least a 1 hour + a day, meet a gal online and take her places, show her the world if you can.

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