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  1. Hello,
    I have failed many times before this. But this time it's different or I didn't notice earlier. I have a friend to whom I like to talk but to be 2nd or 3rd on her list rips my heart apart. From , the last 10 days my emotions are at peak. The pain in the heart is not bearable. Can anyone guide me
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  2. My emotions are at peak. When I see any romantic movie , I don't know why I just feel the pain of the character. Do this happen?
  3. Wish I knew I have been feeling the same especially that one of my friends is getting married.
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  4. I can understand
  5. When someone breaks your trust intentionally or unintentionally. That pain is also unbearable sometimes. When you are close to 2 months of nofap , all the emotions just rush through you.
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    I don't know how to guide or help you out of this, because I don't think that I have been into this situation before. But I can say that I might have some, but I might not remember about them. However I guess what I would do if I ever had the feelings like yours is to stay in the present moment, looking deeply to my emotions and analyzing them so that I would know what to do in order to get out of that negative loop.

    So if I can do this, so can you. Stay strong brother and remember do not relapse.
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  7. it happens during nofap when our emotions are not stable. it also happens when life is not as we planned it to be as ideal. when life situations is moving fast and very bad as per conventional standards then these things happen, like 30 year old not kissed a girl, 40 year old never married.. but remember on that moment of sadness that you are a human and our body is going to be destroyed by death sooner or later so why depress, move on just ahead in life.
    lord krishna said in "gita" that it is dharma of a person to do his work/duty what is assigned to him. example- what is my job? if i am a student then study is my duty, if i am a businessman - business is my duty, if i am unemployed then my duty is to get employed and i i do not have skills to be employed then acquiring skills is my duty. if i am in a bad relationship then my duty is to make changes to get it better or get out of that relation. if i am a father then my duty in role of a father is to take proper care of upbringing of my children. if i am head of a family then m duty to take care of whole family so that everything moves swiftly in family.

    if you want to get entertained and want to watch a movie- remember it is your duty to get entertained and tickle a specific emotion of that movie- you have to be an observer and not feel the actor. observe and move on with active mind over next duty.
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  8. Thanx mate
  9. Thanks dude. R u an indian?
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  10. I've also had a very similar experience with a ex.
  11. yeah man, i am Indian.
  12. It is just so much hurting, when your friend doesn't talk the way they used to. Not telling you the reason for such a drastic change. Maybe, she has gotten bored with my company and got a much better company. With this if you are on nofap and your flatline is going then it becomes real tough to move ahead. But, this pain is very less compared to the guilt you get when you PMO. So, just hanging in there.
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    It hurts a LOT indeed. The memories of how they talked are soooo painful. All the moments we shared. I'm currently undergoing a phase like this too. This is happening to me mostly because of my quarantine.
    So I actually wanted to know why I am feeling all this. And I realized that it's because I am very lonely. I work hard a lot. But since I'm in a dysfunctional family, I never really got any appreciation for it. So I started looking for that appreciation outside of my home. But I am quite shy so I couldn't show anyone how good I am. I like listening to people talk about their struggles and help them out, and I don't want to sound like I am boasting so I never opened myself to anyone. And then I met that one person. And I started having thoughts such as "It would be great if they just knew how amazing I am".
    And that's how I ended up being where you are right now. But I realized that I just need appreciation, it doesn't have to be from that one person. So I think I'll be looking for a community of like-minded people where I can be seen.
    That's how I've managed this feeling. You may not have the exact same story, but you should know how to analyze your thoughts. Write them down and then think.

    PS: I know I maybe sounding pretty boastful, but I thought I'll keep my feelings aside for this one, since it's worth it if it is helpful for you. Forgive me if I sound arrogant.
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    I find it difficult too
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