Loneliness as the problem

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by rubbedout, May 9, 2017.

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    I recall seeing a TV interview from the late 1970s with Mother Theresa. The host asked her, based on her life's work, what was in her opinion the biggest problem in the world? Her response was one word: Loneliness.

    I think many of us jerk off because we are lonely, or hurt. Sometimes we are angry, or tired. We just want the very selfish and intense gratification of ejaculation. An entitlement maybe? It may feel that way when we are hurting. That is why we need nofap and this forum; to build a brotherhood of guys who can understand and maybe even live each other with support. None of us are alone and all of us are loved.
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    Agree with that, also jerking off makes you forget your negative thoughts (and loneliness) for a moment so there's that too.
  3. PMO is like a drug. It covers up your feelings. The real problem is how you deal with your feelings. Instead of learning from them, we try to suppress them.
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    It is worth noting that Mother Teresa also experienced what is called the dark night of the soul during most of her life's work. This means she didn't sense God's presence or experience any consolations. But she still stuck to her mission to serve others. Likewise we should stick to ours even if we don't sense any great reward.
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    I have something really sad to say. I have been indulging in PMO heavily for most of my life. If I am really honest with myself, when I watched P, I would often want to feel as though I had 'connection' with the subject. It took me ages to realise this. I would often have had a favourite P star, as if for that moment she was my partner, and at some level I wanted those same feelings again which I had with my first few girlfriends. This is, the opposite to isolation - the problem is that it's not real. PMO IS isolation and only makes you feel more isolated once you are done..
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