Loneliness could be good! (l Felt it)

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  1. I am 18 years old.I have no peer group to hang out with, So I spend most of my time alone.. Once I used to MO all the time, But gradually,Loneliness gave me wisdom..
    I became more aware, I got more control,
    I started Meditating.. Now I have two personalities: a wise and enlightened one and a savage one.. Now I am trying to teach the wise man to Tame the beast..
    You may find this too..
    Finding is not enough, start learning.. And wish me luck!
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    Welcome to NoFap!
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  3. Thank you friend!
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  4. I agree, being alone can't be all bad. I like your attitude!
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    I echo the sentiment completely! I do have friends and am socially adept, but find that that's not the same as inner growth. In fact, it can be a major distraction. Instead, I opt for much more solitude than is advisable if you want to stay out of PMO trouble (which is how I rationalized my way into that trouble). But it is also where "the rubber meets the road" when it comes to making real inner progress. Most of the time I'm now in control of "the Beast" -- far more than before -- and so gradually my inner light is shining through again. Didn't know this, but my laugh apparently is becoming infectious again -- in a good way.:)
  6. Go out alone into a jungle or a more isolated place without your phone..
    You will hear the music of the universe,
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    What I think you mean is solitude, not loneliness, but yes, I agree with you; it does feel good! (especially if you're an introvert, like me)
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