Loneliness leads to PMO

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ASV, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. ASV

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    I'm currently single and I also don't have many friends. Every time I face an urge to masturbate, a voice in my head says that it's OK because I don't have a girlfriend and I'm not going to meet one any time soon, so it's only reasonable to "release some tension".

    Do you experience anything similar? Any tips to overcome this emotion?
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  2. $obriety

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    Stay strong bro. I know it might seem impossible in the beginning but stay strong. Also regarding that voice in your head ignore it as the brain during this stage will play all sorts of tricks on you. Imagine you have 2 wolves in your head and each time you watch porn/Mastrubrate it gets stronger and the good "wolf" is dying. Now everytime u do not watch it and do not mastrubrate the good one gains more power and the evil one is dying. I recomend you do meditation i will link you one which helped me: . Also remember this if you're going through hell keep going. You will do this i belive in you
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  3. Time is a valuable thing, we need time to build muscle, make a house, learn piano and find a mate. Be patient, just one step at a time in the RIGHT direction.
  4. cardinal biggles

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    PMO gives you momentary satisfaction/release of tension, I know it sucks when you're alone but with PMO it starts off as a reasonable way to release tension and quickly evolves into a daily occurrence and you'll end up being more alone and miserable (trust me I've been there) find something else, anything else a hobby, I know it's tough with covid restrictions but there must be something else you can do to fill your time that can help you meet new people because you'll only be more lonely with PMO.
  5. countitjoy5

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    yes, but acknowledge that it is a bad thought pattern that needs to go
  6. Dack Gun

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    It's okay bro you are not alone, let's get through this together!

    I just relapsed. It feels terrible.

    It's funny how we do it because we feel lonely but afterwards it only caused more loneliness to us. It's just making things even worse. Even me myself is still struggling with masturbation, particularly because I am desperately wanted to be loved by someone else. Here I forgot the importance of loving myself. Perhaps I can't have the relationship with someone as I imagined, and that's why I have to build a solid relationship with myself, instead of keep hurting myself. We have to use my energy more wisely, and this is what I am still practicing. Good luck to all of us!
  7. Fullyawake

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    I feel that way at times too, OP. But then I remember how I felt when I relapsed after a huge streak. The feeling of pleasure is momentary and then you’re stuck in an even worse mood.
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  8. That’s why I try to open the windows in my residence. Especially in the morning. So I don’t catch myself doing something weird with my hands.
  9. davido548

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    I suggest making yourself the following question, are you less than a men with girlfriend?, I broke up with my girlfriend two years ago, she wanted to came back with me but I don't believe in thath relationship, even when I don't consider her an unpleasant person, but I don't whant to be with her, or any girl just for feeling me better, I believe it is possible to like myself, I will be again in a relationship with a girl when I will really find someone wich likes me,and of course I like her too.
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  10. Lau

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    Hey man, I experience the same thing as you are going through right now man. I dont have GF or that many friends.
    In the past I give myself reason to masturbate because of this.

    What motivates me to keep trying to quit is that I know I won't be happy if I keep this up. I keep doing the same thing over and over again and nothing change I am still lonely and unhappy. Yes, we are not going to meet anyone special any time soon especially during this pandemic going on. Try to use this time to heal your mind and who knows one day you'll meet her.

    My advice is that try to keep your mind and body occupy. I tried taking cold shower, gaming , doing my assignments, watching YouTube but avoid any triggers like anime or etc. Try to find ways that works best for you, I can't just list out a step by step guide.

    It's better to be clean than comfortable.
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  11. davido548

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    Thath is a very good idea, keep oneself occupied is a great cure, and avoiding tirggers too.

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