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    Dear brothers/sisters
    It has been 7 days since I haven't watched or listened to porn or porn-related content. I haven't master****** for 7 days. Mind it I don't have a girlfriend or casual sex partner.
    I thought I would feel enthusiastic. But I did not. I did not have any urge to watch porn or thought about sexual content when I saw attractive women in last few days.
    I feel extremely lonely. I am actually lonely. Divorced with 2 kids. Kids live with their mom.
    I also have GAD, depression, and possible OCD( Scripulocity). I wish I had a group of friends, or relatives, or someone ( not kids) to hang out with. I mean not putting on a show, genuinely hang out. I see my Catholic Men's group friends every other Monday. It is a porn addicts support group. However, they only care for whether I watched porn or not. Basically, I committed sin or not. If I didn't watch porn I did well. If I did watch porn I struggled. But my struggle is not just porn. Watching porn is a symptom of something bigger. I thought I would be happy today. But I feel nothing.
    I know I could do hiking, biking, meditating, golfting, bla bla bla but I'm not financially solvent and I have back pain. Borderline disable. It'll take me a little while to get back on track. Just got divorced in May 2021.
    Any non religious advice?
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    Hi there, how are you Today?

    I was wondered, if the PMO was part of your escape/daily routines with OCD and GAD?
    That might give you this low emotion because the brain missing it's dopamine dose....
    Which means, your brain started to sweating out the addiction. That is the first step, so kind of you are on a good path...
    In this stage I would consider an AP. Here or in the group at the church...
    Someone you can send a message "hey I am feeling low, how are you..."

    Took your issues one by one - never more than you can chew at the same time - sorry for my English, I hope you still can understand what I am trying to say here.

    You are on a Journey, not an easy one, and you have this community here, you can rely on...
    Share, read some success stories, watch some video about NoFap and reach out when you feel like that
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    I am struggling with loneliness thoughts too, even though I should not have such thoughts - I have a wife and children. One thing I have learned during my current no-PMO streak is that I have a willpower to change and fix things I have failed in for so many years. My current ideas on how to lessen my loneliness thoughts are:
    - block depressive thoughts about being lonely, the same way as I block my P. thoughts
    - I started writing mails with people from some far away countries, on www.globalpenfriends.com
    - I try to be among people outside, like children's playground, jogging, ...
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    Thank you for this article.
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    I'm not religious.
    My wife left me 4 months ago.
    I don't have a group of friends, relatives etc.
    I, too, have health problems.
    Loneliness is not being good to me.
    If you care for some online company to hear your rants I would be very glad to do it (publicly or privately whichever you prefer). I'll pay you back ... in kind! ;)
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  8. Baby steps. I know it sounds cliche. But please don't stop taking baby steps every single day. It will help you a lot in long run.

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