Lonely and anxious. I hate sex.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Bad_hombre, Oct 20, 2018.

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    Here it goes sex disgraced my life. Porn addiction screwed me up big time and having sex with escorts brought me a ton of doubts about my health. Recently i had sex with 2 girls on the same day that i met them (each in separate occasions), which made me even more worried about my health. Im scared about the thought of having caught aids, stds, hpv and so forth so on.
    I feel like im doomed. I will not be able to have children and family if I got HIV, for instance, therefore, i will be condemned to a life of crippled loneliness so fucked up
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  2. First of all, calm down. I've been on the same boat you are. Do the hiv test. If you don't you will be worried forever. Sometimes even if the person has HIV but their level of the virus is so low that you didn't get anything. But never have sex with someone you dont know without protection, specially escorts. I did too once, thank god i'm ok. Never doing it again.
  3. Oh and even if you had HIV you could still have a Family and a Baby without any problem. :)
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    That is very good advice.
    1. google: "free sexual health clinic near me" and make an appointment to get tested. You may still be okay.
    2. Work on getting married

    I think you'll be okay -- buy gotta stop the risky behavior.
  5. The chance of contracting HIV is 1 in 300. I know of men trying to contract it and they can't, so I wouldn't worry too much. Get tested for all STIs and you could even as for a fertility test as well to check your sperm if you're concerned.

    I think that a period of abstinence through NoFap would do you good. Once you have rebooted you can review your opinions of sex and women and see how you wish to proceed.
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    You know of men purposely trying to contract HIV? that’s pretty shocking..may I ask why?
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  7. It's called bug chasing, trying to intentionally contract HIV or any number of STIs, sometimes through chance, other times through intentional meet-ups with infected men, sometimes where the lining of the rectum and anus are purposely damaged first to cause them to bleed, increasing the chance of seroconversion.

    From what I can tell, it is done for a number of different reasons:-

    1. To be infected from a specific person as a way of being close to them - "I've got your strain (of the virus) in me".
    2. To have the same virus as a lover so that they don't have to worry about contracting it by mistake.
    3. A type of self-harm where the person wishes to do as much damage to themselves as possible.
    4. As an act of solidarity with other Poz men.

    There is a sub-genre of porn relating to pozzing. HIV men commonly get the biohazard symbol tattooed on them and some porn stars have it, some because they have HIV and their on-screen partners know this, some because they are catering to the fetish, but are HIV-. Verbal pozzing porn is a thing too, men telling their partners they are going to infect them, their partners begging to be infected etc.
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  8. Jesus.. I-
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    This is some disturbing info. Somebody must be too mind fucked to engage in such acts. It gives me anxiety the thought of meeting someone like this in real life.
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    I should've done it long ago I have to face my shame because as I am a young good-looking man I feel very ashamed of having stds it makes me feel dirty.

    I totally agree with you getting tested and finding a nice wife is a solution to my anxiety around it. Until I don't face it I'll always be half of a man. Besides that, our society preaches sexual liberation as though sex wasn't something risky. It's impressive the low level of awareness that people have about the dangers of having sex with many partners they put pleasure over health and peace of mind. Sometimes I get pissed off at this fucking braindead hedonistic society.
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    We don't get a proper sexual education and the people who are supposed to inform us are too concerned about preaching sexual liberation as though condoms were 100% effective. I wonder where the adults are hiding.

    Thanks for the help big time
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  12. This number is true if you know for sure that your partner is HIV infected and you are not protected. The chances of getting HIV from a stranger are much smaller. (but I was already tested because I'm a hypohonder) If you are worried go to a test.
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