Lonely? = Bad Company?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by DanForABetterLife, Jun 22, 2020.

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    ‘If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company’ by Jean-Paul Sartre.

    I’m holding on to this quote. There were times in my journey that I feel so lonely and those led me to a relapse. Usually I feel a certain kind of loneliness when I immediately wake up in the morning (like today as I wake up) or before I go to bed. I currently stay in another town away from my usual friends due to the ongoing pandemic and I don’t have much people here that I know to hang out with. I usually go with my cousin and ride our bicycles about 2-3 times a month. I chat my friends sometimes and we talk and have good times. However I still don’t feel that usual energy that I can recall when I was still a child. I can recall that I was happy and energetic before I learned about PMO. That I am creative and can do things that would provide me fun and recreation whenever I feel down.

    Am I giving too much attention to my emotions? Will this feeling pass after I go pass through the 30 day mark? Should I push myself to socialize even if I feel that I don’t want to during times of loneliness, or should I accept the feeling and let it pass since there is a bright ray of light after passing this stage? Maybe you guys can give insights on how can I deal with this recurring emotion that I have.
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    I am dealing with some of what you are dealing with. I think, in short, we have to live with who we are now. Do you meditate? If so, one thing you could do is try to access your inner child and ask them for advice on the loneliness. Kids don’t think, in general, of the loneliness—they contend to what the immediate whim is, or alternatively to make the best and most rewarding experience for themselves possible.

    You have every right to observe and pay attention to these emotions. Assume for the sake of what you are going through that perhaps this will not pass after 30 days; everyone NoFap’s journeys are different from what I read. What are you going to do to best understand the feelings? What are some small steps that you can take that will lead you in the direction you want to go? Also what steps are you taking to make this 30 days the most rewarding possible? Every life, even when struggling with loneliness, deserves to be greatly enjoyed. Probably, if I had to answer Sartre, you are your worst company when not fully pursuing what makes you liven up; when we are able to find our own joys, I hope the people will follow or that my interests will lead me directly to them. :D

    Hope this is helpful.
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