Long Duration or Short duration workout..Which is best?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    Well, I don`t prefer spending hours of time and energy every day at the gym. hence I could improve myself in studies and career (Yes I`m studious).

    Though I would like to maintain my BMI, also I don`t want to look flabby.

    so, I`ve taken workout very seriously this time!. So, tell me can I do short durational interval workouts

    like running faster for 10 mins then take some rest, doing 30 reps of pushups and squats for 3 sets with 5 mins interval between each.

    is that good for a beginner?.. also I`m 70KG 5ft, 6inches male.. so am I overweight?
  2. bobross

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    If you're out of breath, or you're in pain the day after, your work out is too much. Past that, more is better ;)
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    I life heavy and do low reps with a lot of sets so it takes quite a bit out of me. Doing anymore than 4 exercises and I feel too fatigued to life at full potential. Pushups and squats with a run shouldn't wear you out neurally as much so I think your workout should be fine as long as you aren't feeling sick and getting hurt.
  4. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    Been working out for 5+ years. And I have learned that nothing is set in stone. What works today won't work tomorrow and utilizing all kind of training styles over various training blocks is the only way to keep making consistent progress and avoid burnouts.

    So what can you take away from the aforesaid thing?

    Do what you feel is giving your results and stick to it for a few training cycles (6-12 weeks) and then change things up a little bit. (Like if you have been doing short high intensity workouts for last 8 weeks, then you start doing low intensity and longer duration workouts for 4 weeks and then go back to your previous methods or try something different, that still focuses on your basic main goal.)
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  5. Consistent change seems to be the key to constant growth, according to this gentleman. Nice advice
  6. Make sure you do something that you enjoy my man.

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