Long streak. Relapsed. Recovered.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by PurifyingMyself, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. PurifyingMyself

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    This year I went 120+ days at hardmode NoFap. Then relapsed - binged, got self control and was right back up. Went another 30 days, almost binged, got right back up.

    Overall thoughts. I am much stronger not because of my successes. But because of the sacrifices to achieve that goal. In my "almost binge" I realized I'm not going through this again. I'm going to implement the change right now.

    So overall this year, I have 11 "bad" days and 163 great days! : )

  2. Arms.R.heavy

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    Congratulations How did you avoid bingeing the second time?
  3. GoldenGod15

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    Awesome man congrats!!

    After you binged, did it feel like back to square one? Or did you still feel residing effects from your previous streak and easier recovery later times around?

    Asking cuz I just relapsed and binged :(
  4. PurifyingMyself

    PurifyingMyself Fapstronaut

    My mind just said its not worth it lol. Tbh, after you've had a successful streak and binged, and you're about to binge again, your mind is just like, "trust me don't want to do that". I.e. the benefits of a long streak have a lasting effecting
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  5. PurifyingMyself

    PurifyingMyself Fapstronaut

    In the midst of the binge, I felt like square one. But there was a clear point in my binge that I was like I need to stop right now and change before I lose myself.

    So next time after a month, I almost binged again when I relapsed. And I was like, man I'm not ending up there again.

    The point is listen to the voice that is right, because it gets stronger. It will help you over come. The more you listen to it the stronger it gets and you will be able to conquer this thing.
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  6. hollyman

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    Alhamdulillah good for you
  7. Meet

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    I managed not indulging in porn and masturbation for 180 days but lately from last week I have been watching porn all again and masturbating too. I think I am back at the same spot where I started. This urges are real but I have decided to stop it now and remove it once and forever from my life.
    I am starting the challenge and certainly this time there will not be any disappointments.

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