Long-term (15yrs+) PMO'ers, what's your struggles?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Rafal, Jul 2, 2020.

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    How do you think your story/symptoms differs from younger PMO'ers?

    Everyone's problems is equally important, but I can't compare myself (34 y) to people in their early 20's or younger. Technology-wise the world has changed a lot and we're also in different stages of life and physiology and hormonal responses.

    For me it's been more about the subtle changes through the years, where I never knew what caused it, but I felt increasingly worse year for year. I was once a romantic, but have slowly turned in to a creep who objectifies every women I see.

    It's about years of resenting girls for not wanting me, which led to social withdrawal and a life in front of the computer. The feeling of inferiority, constant exhaustion and brain fog, anxiousness, low self-esteem, self-hate and shame. Emotional numbness, fluctuating libido and interest in/attraction to girls.

    It's about dreaming of having a girl as my girlfriend, but once she likes me I lose completely interest in her. Being addicted to novelty and notice a big decrease in libido once I've slept with someone for some time. Eventually preferring PMO over actual sex. Always wanting what I can't have (in women) and failing to appreciate what I already have.
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    I'm almost 26 years old so I believe I can write something here.
    About six moths ago I found something about nofap on some polish website (it's still not well known here).
    I read about amazing feeling, new powers etc. and I didn't believe it at the beginning.
    But I got it in my mind all the time and some time later I found something about it in the Internet and read much more.
    Since that moment I really didn't realize that most of my problems could be made by PMO.
    I got like 90% of about 100 symptoms and then I could much more cleary think about my past.

    When I was in primary school about 10-11 years old I was a really good guy. I got a lot of friends. It was really massive group.
    (not pals or colleagues but friends) At this time atleast two girls fell in love with me (and told me about it).
    It was like a life of different person.

    A little bit later I remember when friends came for me to go outside and play something. I didn't want to. It was one of the first time when I got fully access to the computer with Internet and I was alone in home...
    Next years as I remember made me more and more hermit person. In primary school I got like 12 friends and in the high school maybe 1. Why maybe? Because we were talking only in school. After lessons I was alone again.
    My first adult date with a girl quickly turned into sex. But there was a little problem. My dick.
    Usually I could masturbate even 4-5 times a day at the weekend and my penis was hard like a steel. I thought that when I would have my first time with a girl I will be well prepared. It was a mistake.
    After some time again I tried again with other girl and same shit happen "soft cock".
    Even then I didn't think about my PMO problem because in my country and native language websites I couldn't find too much information about my real problem. But after read and watch youtube in english I now know that it's my real problem.

    So summarizing. Happy young extrovert with a lot of friends and spending most of free time outside turned into introvert hermit without friends, girlfriend, hobbies and losing his will to learn new things. Spending almost every moment with computer (games, porn, movies, internet stuff).
    Now I cleary see my problems and I could write and write much more but I need more time I guess and reach much more time without PMO.
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    Hi, and thanks for telling your story.
    I've actually never had problems getting hard. My problem has been losing the desire to have sex over time (with the same woman). Not that it helps you in any way, but I'd rather have a "soft cock" than declining libido. In your case you know NoFap will fix it, but in my situation it could also have something to do with our relationship, which is frightening when we've been together for 7 and I used to know she was "the one".
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