Long term reboot success!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Csatornapatkany, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Is this a one time streak or your 9 years pmo included on your nofap?
  2. Csatornapatkany

    Csatornapatkany Fapstronaut

    I looked nofap aprox 2 years ago, and this streak started about 1,5 years ago. So I had more then a half year just trying to abstain. But lot of relapses...
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  3. Gideonite

    Gideonite Fapstronaut

    I must say you have gained a lot of power over yourself if you can resist fapping after opening up 2 tabs of P-videos. Thank you so much for your story. Really inspirational.
  4. hijodelaluna18

    hijodelaluna18 Fapstronaut

    Im at 43 days Im so sure I wont relapse with P but not that sure about MO.I noticed the ess memory Im glad to see its temporary.
    I had urges at thebeining and now Ive pretty much flat lined no libido morning wood comes and goes..but mild depression is gone and I feel otivated,social skills are back too and better hair.I get women attention.But still PIED I dont think i can perform.It seems to be dead.
    Im dissapointed to learn in these forums that the 90 days are not enough..at least for PIED. That means I will have to be even more strong.
    Ive had a 20 year addiction so theres a chance the damage in my nerves and the porn images are so deep in my mind that I probably wont be able to br normal again.But at this point I would be happy even if I can have my morning wood back and be able to achieve a decent erection to at least do a quickie.Im terrified at stick out my dead piece of meat.I will do 500 days or whatever it takes
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  5. Csatornapatkany

    Csatornapatkany Fapstronaut

    Yeah, its a hard situation, you have a lot to reboot as well. But get the faith man! I though too that I will never be normal again. My pied gone. I have still flatline stages but its not as hard as before. Just think about it: if you get fat during 10 years, you wont be thin and sporty during a month or three... Your brain works same. You need time!
  6. nice!!
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  7. Ah man I’m so pleased for you! I’m creeping up them digits and have some real good days now and again. Had some libido the other day which was nice. It’s so hard at our stage because you do start to lose hope and that’s why we need more stories like these.

    Thanks brother, enjoy your life.
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  8. control your life

    control your life Distinguished Fapstronaut

    congrats on your success and so many days ,nice story !
  9. C.HNF

    C.HNF Fapstronaut

    Hey champ! Glad for your progress, and please do stay strong to reap more benefits.
    I want to ask you about the depression thingy. Tell us what were the symptom in details please. I am experiencing some serious and severe depressive episode accompanied with sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts. Please share with us your depression symptoms
  10. Your the first person I have ever seen who is happy about his sex life WHILE in a long distance relationship :D

    Which says alot about you and your character - I'm just assuming but maybe through this process your not so needy for sex as much so when you do have it, it feels more fulfilling.

    Great post to motivate us to go for longer term than just 90 days more like 1-3 years to really be able to compare our life to the past.

    I think you also make a great point because a 90 day mindset is night and day different from some one who is thinking 3-5 years or giving it up for life.

    I know for myself part of me is still wants to have the option to watch porn at some time in the future even though I know that the experience of watching porn, doesn't give me the fulfillment i see, but at the same time I find that I go through so many changes and new ways of seeing things that i can not predict how I will view porn in a year from now.
  11. This post can be demonstrated by @Gideonite avatar picture.

    The 90 day is when the chain is broken but still attached to each hand.

    The rest of the year or two is when we actually take off the chains from each wrist and can walk without the chains connected.

    True or true? :D
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  12. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Thank you for posting this success story @Csatornapatkany

    At first, I was a little discouraged, I asked myself will I need so much time for reboot...?

    But then I think, what is a one-year reboot compared to 8 years of PMO...

    It is going to be a tuff journey, but listening to you and many other successful guys, I see that journey is worth.
  13. Barlumedisperanza

    Barlumedisperanza Fapstronaut

    Very inspirational, congrats!
    After how much time did you get rid of PIED? When did you feel like you finally healed from it?
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  14. I cured my pied in cca one year. Than I broke up with a girl I was doing reboot/rewire with. And with new girl, pied is back. Great... I think I need time in new relationships. I cant just do a quickie with someone. I need to rewire again with each new partner. That suxx. But I know I did it once, so I will do it again. Maybe it will be faster now. And I have a confisence because I KNOW it will work one day. I expect cca one month pied with my new partners...
  15. MrMakeItReign

    MrMakeItReign Fapstronaut

    That's absolutely awesome. Great to read this, I'm very close myself. Appreciate it buddy!!
  16. Barlumedisperanza

    Barlumedisperanza Fapstronaut

    Thank you my man, I also think one night stands will not be something for me since I usually need some time to feel comfortable with others. But no big deal since that’s not what I’m interested in, I hope to find a girl who can be comprehensive as you said and who can help me with that.
    Wish you all the best also, thanks for the post!
  17. ReclaimedLife

    ReclaimedLife Fapstronaut

    Your post is so important. It shows that nofap isn't about the number on your counter. It's a choice of lifestyle to be implemented, just like cold showers, spiritual growth and taking care of our fitness and finances.

    I think that the people on this forum as well as outside should be aware of how long the recovery might actually take, which can mean well over 1, sometimes two years. It keeps the people going who have long streaks and didn't see much improvement yet.

    Seriously, everyone starting with his or her nofap journey should know this.

    Nofap isn't just a quick fix.
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  18. Chevalblanc

    Chevalblanc Fapstronaut

    Very inspiring! congratulations brother! Im only 60 days and I feel like Ill probably need 2 years to recover. When I started the journey I was already low energy, no motivation. And anhedonia. I think I OD on dopamine in my last pmo. Until now not much improvement , so Im absolutely scared i might be braindead for good.
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  19. zimbardoo

    zimbardoo Fapstronaut

    Hi Mattew! How are things for you? Did you recover from PIED?
  20. zimbardoo

    zimbardoo Fapstronaut

    Hi man!
    Did you have PIED? In that case, have you recovered yet?

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