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  1. Hell everyone, it been a while since I got on here but I've started a new hobby: Skateboarding. So I was at the park today and something happened... I was refilling my bottle at the water fountain until this woman came up to me and was like "Hey can you be my friend so I don't have to go back to my granddad's house because I'm expected to meet friends here." But being a man who hasn't talk to anyone in a long time, I was scared, frozen. I haven't said a word. Her granddad was behind her and they were fighting. The Grand was like who is he? and she reponed " I don't know the... who he is." and she walked away. The granddad smiled at me and was like "You should go home because there's gonna be a war soon." and left. I was so scared that I had to sit down and think about what just happened. But I don't mind it now. I started to think of other ways I've could have done, maybe it was the best not to get involved at all- IDK if I did the right thing though. Another problem now is lust, I've learned when lust comes, i get this odd mild sexual feeling towards a person which I don't like. It's very powerful and I try to divert my mind of it and listening to gospel music or repeat scripture but its still there. I keep thinking of her, I know this isnt right what should i do and should of done in these situations?
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    thats weird, i've would of stayed away too, cause you never know with people, I wouldn't stress about it
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  3. Your mind is still in PMO mode. Your mind is running out of control. You have to get back off PMO and get control of your thoughts. Get back on your reboot. You cannot think of more than one thing at a time so keep thinking or meditating on God, a verse, or praise song when these thoughts come up.
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  4. What is the lie you are believing? When you think of her, ask the Spirit to help you find the lie and then replace it with the truth he gives you. Then meditate on this truth instead.

    And keep checking in each day with your APs!
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