Look at childhood pictures of yourself

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  1. I can’t remember who posted about it when I read it on here, but doing this actually really helped me a ton. I regained empathy for myself, which was lost years ago. I’m also feeling that youthful essence of life again. Give it a try.
  2. I found some pictures of myself when I was a kid. Reminded of how good of a person I was. I will look at them again, thanks
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  3. That little child is still inside of us.
    The use of porn is just a way to cover pain that that child has been overcome.
    When we give the right attention and love and help to that hurt little child, it will grow.
    And when it grow up the need to hide in porn will disappear.
  4. I accidently happened to find old childhood photos of myself. I looked vibrant, healthier and always smiling and full of life. It's true, since abstaining from PMO and other illusory stuff I'm starting to look like my (real) young self again. Our soul, mind and body is precious, we should keep cherishing those. So yeah, good tip. It kind of scared me how my appearance had changed. My aura is way darker now. Time to let the light shine again....
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    I am technically still in my childhood though(14) but thanks for the advice! :)
  6. My mom found an old pic of me as a toddler playing with my motorized toy Jeep and I had an intense rush of nostalgia

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