LOOK but don't TOUCH, where do you stand on the issue?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 12ove, May 16, 2019.

  1. 12ove

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    I think we all agree that "peeking at sites" without FAP will eventually lead to a PMO...but my main question is are the rewiring circuits really being healed if one is peeking at sites, even if they don't fap at all?

    idk because I swear some of my friends have instagram addiction problems...even women can spend hours on insta every day...peeking sites can at least be habbit forming and become an addiction in itself...one could make the argument that maybe it is, what do you all think? is that damaging to your brain circuitry even if you don't fap?

    part of me says yes, especially for us addicts...the other part says that once one has rebooted and feels comfotable with ones life wanting to see a person that they are attracted to is natural, and if done in a healthy way is not entirely harmful. That part of me wants to say that life is too short to not spend 10 minutes a day looking at the most beautiful women in the world, but come on give a man 10 minutes a week or month or year at least right?

    If people can please weigh in on this by answering the above questions more or less for the below types of P progressing from most obscene to least:

    Hardcore P
    Cam Sites with just Women, or Just Man (no couples, bc that is the same as above)
    Looking at Images of Nude Women
    Looking at eye candy (basically nude, instagram type models)

    That line represents my stance on the issue, whats your's?
  2. 12ove

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    Any scientists out there?
  3. TheMan333

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    Don’t be scrupulous about the topic, and just follow what your intuition and conscious says.
    By myself, I avoid seeing women naked, not naked, or whatever; why? Because it’s like quitting cigarettes and moving to vape, it’s like creating another habit. In NoFap we call that edging.
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  4. 12ove

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    Thank you, that is great advice.
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  5. ZenAF

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    Nope I don't agree with that. Actually just peeking and not masturbating to it anymore is a big step you can do. Because you prove to yourself that porn doesn't force you to do something you don't want. You are your own master.

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