Lookig for Warriors to help slay a Dragon.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by uncreativealias, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. uncreativealias

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    I've been fighting this monster for so long now but hasn't been able to even scratch it once. I am starting to think that I cant do this alone .Decided to join a community of brave warriors to find a partner who will join me on this quest to slay this monster and earn all the riches that lay ahead.

    I am sure that if we do this together we can win. Watched a TED talk on youtube a few days back and the speaker way saying that he beat his porn addiction only after he opened up and shared his problem with another person. Unfortunately I couldn't get myself to open up to anyone I know. Fortunately I found another TED talk which mention this place and led me here.

    I am looking for a dedicated ap, someone who is really tired of this bad habit and wants to take this seriously cause I know I am. Someone who could talk for at least once a day(preferabley on an instant messanger).

    I promise that I will give my best to help you and expect the same from you.
    I am thinking about fixing a time of the day when we could share our progress and experience and give advice.
    I am open to advice on how we should approach this.
    so anyone interested plz reply.
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  2. XManGambitStorm

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    Fellow warrior here. Still need an AP?
  3. Rebootwarrior24

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    I need an AP as well so tired of this

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