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    I started my nofap journey a bit more than a month ago, this period of time includes 2 relapses on the days 5 and 15. Currently I am on a 24 days streak which i dont mean to break ever again.

    Little bit about myself:
    I am a 22 years old guy from Europe, Hungary. I work as a bartender on a cruise ship, but because of the pandemic situation I am taking a longer break from going back to the ship as expected. I try to use that extra amount of free time to pick up new good habbits, stay away from bad ones, and improve my overall life quality. I have had quite rough of a childhood which caused me to have a lot of traumas, insecurities. I am constantly trying to overcome those, build a stronger-self and make the best possible out of my life. So this self-development journey lead me to nofap.

    My ideal partner

    I am looking for you, if you take this journey very serious, if you have intentions to grow and improve as much as possible and if you have an openminded, positive way of thinking.
    I believe it would be really beneficial to have a partner to motivate each other, to be able to share experiences and ideas and to grow together with this journey.

    Feel free to contact me, and have a nice day! :)
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