Looking for a relationship while rebooting?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Warrior01, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Warrior01

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    I'm thinking about looking for a relationship, but I'm still on reboot. I mean, I kind of feel lonely and also would like to share good time, so why not look ito a relationship? At the same time it may seem counterintuitive as maybe I'm not In the best. Moment to look for one. What do you think about relationships and rebooting? Should I wait more time, or is it fine and will not interfere?
  2. whatwhat

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    I myself am looking for a relationship, there is a girl I really like but I'm not sure if my habits would get in the way. If you can be confident that it won't, then go for it. Maybe just work at building friendships and focus on a rrelationship if you think that's a possibility. That's my plan
  3. Penag

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    I think it may be good. At least in my case :
    I had only 1 gf and 2 days ago I ended up kissing with a girl at a party; which is very unusual for me. When something from "the real" world is happening to me, I tend to forget about artificial world and it also give me more confidence to continue my journey on no pmo.

    As I have to re-learn everything, I think it's still better than staying in my usual loneliness. I guess it will depend for each persons.

    However I noticed I started to fantasy and try to avoid that as much as I can.
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  4. whatvidone

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    10 days in I found a girl, she has a boyfriend though but I know she wants to be with me. Shes setting me up with her friend but I dont know what to think, kind of makes me sad.
  5. I think its a good idea personally but dont go into relationship looking for sex.Just have a good time.Good luck on youre reboot.
  6. ZenBound

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    I'd hold off personally. As someone with experience of dealing with other addictions, relationships are dangerous ground in the early days and we can be setting ourselves up for relapse. Also time by ourselves is really good for personal development, which means when a relationship does present itself 1) you will have the confidence to go for it, 2) you will have the ability to be by yourself so you won't be needy, and 3) you'll be able to cope if it doesn't work out without relapse.

    So my recommendation is take time out to be happy by yourself. If you feel a strong yearning for a partner, it could be some dependency or attachment issues you'd be better off addressing first.

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