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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Igaleksus, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! Today is my 285th day without PM, when I started, I expected that with a time of abstinence everything in my life and in my consciousness will become better just by itself. I thought that over time I would have more energy, self-esteem, I would become confident and stop procrastinating, just because I refrain from p and m. It was very naive. It wasn't as easy as I thought. And because it was not easy, I decided to turn to you, people of NoFap. I would like to invite everyone (one person will be enough, but if there is more - it's good) to unite with me and do the following. Every morning we will write in a special chat to each other a list of things we are going to do today. And we also promise each other to do it. In the evening we communicate again and tell each other what we have done today, what difficulties we have encountered, how we will cope with them, maybe we consult and support each other. This is my idea, I am sure that such interaction can help everyone who suffers from procrastination. I think this will work, simply because if we will fight in this battle together we will have more chances to win than if each of us would fought alone. So I'm waiting for your answers, if you want to participate in this initiative just leave a message here.
  2. Igaleksus

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    Come on, guys! Let's beat the procrastination together!!!
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    That sounds like a great idea, count me in :D
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    Why didn't you download a todo app in smartphone for getting your daily task done?
    That's what's i do and it work fine for me :)
  5. Igaleksus

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    This is great, man. I am very happy about you.

    If you are a seasoned procrastinator, like me, installing the application will not change anything. But if you find a partner for reporting and mutual support, the chances of defeating procrastination are doubled. All the best.
  6. I Would be glad, if let me in, too. :)

    I Started the HM 7min. ago, so it Would be great to have allies.
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